High-margin residual sales spring from Gloveworks HD

Gloveworks HD disposable gloves deliver high-margin, residual sales

Gloveworks HD featuring raised diamond texture is a pretty special brand for AMMEX. These heavy-duty, nitrile disposable gloves are industrial grade, top of the line, designed and manufactured for professionals who need the best, all while providing high-margin residual sales.

The trick with Gloveworks HD—the raised diamond texture channels away liquids for a superior grip, wet or dry—is to find the right audience willing to spend a little extra for a better glove.

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Corey Townsell, AMMEX’s sales manager, says there are four main factors in buying decisions: quality, service, price, and convenience.

Courting the discerning customer

To be successful, distributors need to relate that choice to different buyer objectives. What’s important to your customers? In food service, customers want the best product that doesn’t tear when they put it on. No frills, just function. But that’s not the case with automotive customers.

What’s the difference that draws customers to Gloveworks HD? It’s safety, Townsell says: Buyers are looking for quality and are willing to spend more to give their hands maximum protection.

“When most people think disposable gloves, they think of a low-cost, commoditized item,” he says. “But you have your markets, like automotive, industrial, and manufacturing, that are willing to pay more for a product that meets their needs for durability and performance. They want a glove that’s going to perform better than what they’re using now.

The best usually costs a bit more

“Certain people have a different mindset,” he says. “For example, auto technicians are really into what they do, and that’s working on cars. They spend $25,000 on a toolbox, and another $30,000 on the tools to go inside that box. They’re used to spending money, and they’re not buying cheap tools—they’re buying name brand and other high-end, expensive stuff. With these guys, their mindset is quality.”

Therefore, if your customer list is primarily restaurants and jan/san operations, raised diamond texture might not be the right primary product for you. But if you’re selling to automotive and industrial users, Gloveworks HD should be a key cog in your lineup—or you could be missing out on high-margin, residual sales.

Townsell suggests that distributors take the no-risk RDT Challenge. For first-time purchases, AMMEX will guarantee the sale.

“If you don’t sell it, we’ll take it back. No restocking fee, no freight charge,” he says. “In addition, we’re going to back you with all the marketing support you need. That’s our investment in your success.”

Samples equal high-margin, residual sales

For customers who aren’t convinced by all that Gloveworks HD offers, AMMEX’s sampling program allows customers try before they buy, and they love what they try. This a major benefit to distributors on the fence.

When Gloveworks HD made its debut with high-visibility orange gloves—we’ve since added hi-vis green as well as professional black and royal blue—AMMEX saw it as a niche opportunity, Townsell says. Sales would target a small but enthusiastic market, primarily automotive customers, with the chance of it spreading to a wider audience.

Of course, sales of raised diamond texture have shattered even the most optimistic forecasts. In fact, since their introduction in 2014, Gloveworks HD sales have rapidly risen with triple-digit overall growth, at a monthly average growth of 30%, each year for the last three years. Compared with 5-mil black nitrile gloves, the industry standard, Gloveworks HD has been a revelation. And that’s an opportunity today that’s not to be missed.

“We did not realize the impact and the excitement that this product would cause,” he says. “Everybody loves the product, and then it comes down to how much it is. And in those industries, a lot of people are used to paying a lot of money for their tools. They want to protect their hands. They want to have the best experience possible.

“So they step up to the plate, and they buy RDT. And once they buy RDT, they’ll never buy anything else.”

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