Looking Ahead to 2020: Set Up Your Sales Strategy

With 2019 fading into memory, you should be putting the finishing touches on your sales strategy for 2020.

The average sales pipeline can take 3 to 4 months to build. To hit the ground running in January, you’d be well served to have a map drawn with a clear sense of direction.

In a commodity business such as disposable gloves, you’re dealing with a residual sales product. Land a customer—and make that customer happy—and you can count on consistent, ongoing business. The best part is, with AMMEX gloves you can also count on high-margin sales.

It’s easy to become an AMMEX distributor today!

Opportunity is everywhere

For many industries, disposable gloves are a necessity—and demand continues to grow. Distributors need to supply gloves to meet that demand. The global disposable gloves market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.5% from 2019-2024. With an aging world population and ever-expanding medical infrastructure, the medical market will remain strong as well.

Additionally, these and other industries, such as food processing, food service, janitorial & sanitation, and automotive repair, are due for large-scale growth in the future. In the food processing and service sectors, for instance, workers already use 20 or more pairs per day. With these industries having combined growth potential of 29 percent, imagine the possibilities for increased sales.

Plus, consider that gloves are not a one-time purchase. Once your customers run out, they will be calling for more, which means you have guaranteed business as long as you maintain those relationships. Build your sales strategy around that fact.

Keep communication open

Healthy relationships thrive on communication. If your business communicates with customers only at their request or when your company needs something, it will be difficult to leverage relationships as a driver of sales. Instead, touch base often with customers to inquire about their progress and to learn how you might be better able to meet their needs and expectations. That goes well beyond when they need more product and extends to when they might just want some encouragement or advice but are reluctant to ask.

Communication is a key ingredient in healthy client relationships. You want to build loyalty with your customers, and disposable gloves encourage this behavior. Satisfied customers are active participants who willingly offer the time and information it takes for you to achieve the best results.

With a one-time sale, you contact customers, sell the products, and never interact with them again, except for follow-up calls or to sell them new products. Because gloves are a residual sales product, you must maintain constant contact with customers, which lends to building those relationships.

And what’s new with you?

Not only is this beneficial for talking to your customers about restocking their glove supplies, but it also presents the opportunity to tell them about other products. This is particularly useful for selling new products. If, for instance, you have a customer who regularly purchases, say, GlovePlus nitrile gloves, this presents the opportunity to suggest upgrading to Gloveworks Heavy Duty nitrile gloves with raised diamond texture.

By listening to and engaging with your regular customers through consistent interaction, you demonstrate your expertise and ability to give them the right gloves for the job. By building this customer loyalty into your sales strategy, you hold those relationships with existing customers, but what about customers who shop with you for some products but buy gloves from someone else?

Listen first, talk later

Pinpoint the reasons why you are losing them to the competition and leverage your expertise to net these clients. Maybe it is time to stop the sales pitch and start the conversation. For instance, when you call an untapped source, avoid making a mini-presentation about yourself, your company, and what you have to offer. Start with an opening conversational phrase that focuses on a specific problem that disposable gloves or personal protective equipment solves.

Remember: Effective selling is always about solving the customer’s pain points, not yours.
New thinking equals new results. Maybe it’s time to take a different approach. Let disposable gloves be the relationship-building tool that sets you apart for 2020. Interested in growing your business for the new year? Become an AMMEX distributor today!

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