A Little Glove Foresight Can Help Prevent Jan/San Injuries

Cleaning carpet while wearing Gloveworks green nitrile disposable gloves.

When you think of professions with high injury rates, you most likely turn to such jobs as commercial fishing, logging, or roofing. Janitorial work may not seem perilous—but the injuries jan/san crews suffer should not be taken lightly.

Especially troublesome are hand injuries, which can result in missed work, elevated worker’s comp premiums, and less quality control. A solution can be as simple as ensuring employees have the right glove for the job—something that AMMEX specializes in.

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AMMEX’s Newest Gloves Are Out of This World

KENT, Washington, April 1, 2023—Today, AMMEX Corp. launched a new lineup of disposable gloves that will help you protect you in the most unusual situations. These gloves are the result of a research and development project spanning 35 years. They will protect you in environments ranging from the office to the garage to outer space.

“These gloves are unlike anything else on the market,” says AMMEX Chief Marketing Officer Andre Chernih. “They will revolutionize the way people view and use disposable gloves.

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Safety Is Job 1 for Every Business, and Gloves Play a Key Role


“Workplace safety” may be a somewhat vague and generalized term, but it nevertheless carries huge significance for businesses of all sizes.

The trend toward workplace safety is clear over the last 30 to 40 years. In 1980, probably 1% of auto mechanics used disposable gloves. In 2022, that figure is much higher—and because it’s still relatively small in the context of the overall industry, there is lots of room to grow.

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