A Little Glove Foresight Can Help Prevent Jan/San Injuries

Cleaning carpet while wearing Gloveworks green nitrile disposable gloves.

When you think of professions with high injury rates, you most likely turn to such jobs as commercial fishing, logging, or roofing. Janitorial work may not seem perilous—but the injuries jan/san crews suffer should not be taken lightly.

Especially troublesome are hand injuries, which can result in missed work, elevated worker’s comp premiums, and less quality control. A solution can be as simple as ensuring employees have the right glove for the job—something that AMMEX specializes in.

Disposable gloves, of course, cannot keep every jan/san worker safe from every potential hazard. But they are a great starting point. AMMEX has nitrile (BX3 and X3) and vinyl (GPX3) single-use gloves that deliver the barrier they need.

Whereas vinyl gloves have for years been a cost-efficient solution for jan/san workers, they don’t provide sufficient protection for all scenarios. Harsh cleaning chemicals can easily permeate vinyl gloves, leaving workers susceptible to injury.

It’s as simple as good, better, best

AMMEX recommends considering hand protection on a good/better/best basis:

GOOD: X3 Black Nitrile (BX3) and Blue Nitrile (X3) fit the bill for basic tasks. At 3 mils thick, they go well with such work as wiping down surfaces, mopping floors, and cleaning bathrooms.

BETTER: Gloveworks Black Nitrile (GPNB) are 5-mil gloves that are perfect for working with tools and machinery or scrubbing in heavy-duty applications.

BEST: Gloveworks Nitrile with Raised Diamond Texture gloves, in orange, green, black, or royal blue, are 8 mils or 6 mils thick with a grip that you can’t beat. Use them for the toughest jobs. 

The quality is built in

All of these gloves are constructed from premium nitrile, which means top barrier protection with fit, feel, and comfort that are hard to beat. AMMEX’s glove shipments are 100% inspected at the factory level to reduce the likelihood of rips or tears.

Business owners are—or, at least, should be—keenly aware of the importance of safety and taking measures to avoid accidents and injuries. But the cleaning industry is all about production rates—how quickly and efficiently one can clean customers’ locations. Unfortunately, in trying to increase their speed, cleaning techs sometimes cut corners when it comes to their own safety.

Consistent, engaging training is essential. OSHA requires it; its fines can put cleaning companies out of business for good. Make sure employees understand—and follow—company policies and procedures.

Hazards are always lurking

In non-healthcare settings, it can be easy to forget about potential biological hazards, but they exist and can be dangerous if not adequately addressed. Things like mold, fungus, and bacteria can be transmitted in multiple ways on any given job site, especially if the building is old and has poor ventilation.

Cleaning chemicals are an inevitable tool for jan/san workers. Employers must provide safe conditions for anyone working with such chemicals as well as train workers on safe practices.

AMMEX has the gloves your clients need to give their workers a leg up on hand protection. Want to learn more? Let us help you—and your customers—choose the right glove for the job.

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