4 Reasons Why You Should Work with AMMEX

Two people shake hands while wearing blue nitrile disposable gloves.

During the pandemic, many distributors scrambled to find a glove vendor—while others dropped products altogether, including single-use gloves, because of the difficulty and/or cost of obtaining them.

Have you asked why you are buying from your current disposable glove vendor? Now might be the time to make sure that your organization has a clear understanding of what differentiates your suppliers.

“One of the most common questions customers ask us is, what makes you great?” says Wendy Grantham, Vice President of Sales Operations at AMMEX. “We don’t just sell gloves. We develop and foster relationships that can transform your business.”

While many disposable glove vendors compete on price, we believe our customers should evaluate vendors on pragmatic and measurable factors that will help them maximize relationships with their clients:  fill rates, quality control, compliance, and customer service.

Fill rates

Our customers can consistently count on 98%+ fill rates for our top products. We achieve such high levels of reliability because of our broad network of manufacturing locations.

Quality control

Going above and beyond most vendors, our team directly inspects 100% of orders at each factory.  We have dozens of team members on location, each with years of experience, who test, audit, and record every lot that comes off the line.

High compliance standards

In the global environment where compliance standards often become secondary, our clients can be confident that all gloves we sell are manufactured in ethically managed factories and meet all required standards.  Our on-the-ground teams directly manage third-party audits and inspections as part of our membership in Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA), the world’s most widely used audit.

Dedicated service

Dozens of our team members have decades of experience in the disposable glove business and can provide clients with on-demand expert advice. More importantly, we care deeply that our clients select the right glove for the job. We consistently strive for high levels of service and rapid response times.

The right glove for the job

We are finding that post-pandemic, people are carefully scrutinizing their vendors on such factors as fill rates, quality control, compliance, and superb customer service.

For over 35 years, we have strived to consistently deliver top-quality hand protection and helped ensure that our customers have the right glove for the job. Reach out to us if you would like to gain a deeper understanding of what makes us different from other glove vendors in the industry.

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