Dedication to Quality Control Sets AMMEX Apart

Disposable glove formers sit at the ready in a SE Asia factory.

Disposable gloves are essential for—among lots of other things—maintaining hygiene, protecting workers from potential hazards, and preventing the spread of infections. Without strict quality-control measures, even a tiny production slipup could cause an entire batch of gloves to go bad.

It’s likely both distributors and end users can relate to opening a case of new gloves, only to discover that they are all bricked together. Or they tear as soon as they’re pulled on. Or they have the distinctive odor of being well past their use date.

That simply does not happen with AMMEX. We directly inspect every shipment right at the factory in Southeast Asia—100% of them, unlike any other independent glove supplier. We work with dozens of factories and insist that they follow our detailed specifications.

Some consumers and/or distributors might view disposable gloves as, well, disposable—that as long as they come out of the box intact, can be donned without tearing, and don’t immediately start leaking as soon as they’re exposed to chemicals, nothing else matters. Obviously, we don’t see it that way.

Standards we always stand behind

Ensuring that our products—whether nitrile, vinyl, or latex, Gloveworks, X3, or AMMEX Professional—meet our standards and specifications is vital for several reasons:

Health and Safety: In healthcare settings, disposable gloves protect both patients and healthcare pros from pathogens, environmental hazards, and cross-contamination. AMMEX Professional, our lineup of nitrile exam-grade gloves, also is resistant to fentanyl based on the ASTM D6978 standard. Ensuring the quality of these gloves is paramount in high-stakes medical use.

Industrial Safety: In industries from manufacturing to food service, automotive repair to janitorial and sanitation, hand protection is needed against chemical exposure, sharp objects, abrasions, and more. Our Gloveworks lineup of high-quality, industrial-grade gloves can help reduce workplace injuries.

Product Integrity: In the food industry, disposable gloves help maintain the integrity of products by preventing the spread of contamination. AMMEX’s X3 nitrile and vinyl gloves are the preferred choice for food prep and service, while Gloveworks gloves with Raised Diamond Texture get the job done in food processing. It’s crucial that the quality of these gloves remain at our standard.

What can you count on?

  • Expect 100% of your orders to be inspected by quality-assurance professionals from AMMEX.
  • Count on decades of experience from local AMMEX glove production experts.
  • Be confident that every inspection is audited and recorded.

Like many reputable suppliers, AMMEX belongs to Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), and has also enrolled most of our vendors, which enables greater visibility into our supply chain.

AMMEX has faith in its partners—but at the same time, we believe that our clients and partners benefit from the extra quality control steps. Rest assured that we pay close attention to any product bearing our name.

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