Gloveworks Has a Firm Grip on Auto Technicians’ Loyalty

An automotive tech works on a yellow car in a garage.

Historically, people who work on cars and trucks have not widely used disposable gloves. For generations of mechanics, hand protection simply was not a big concern.

Why? In many cases—at least until the last couple decades—they lacked the information they needed to make the right choice for safety. Heck, even today the industry is only 120 or so years old. The evolution to new ideas can be long and laborious.

Thankfully, that has been changing.

Nearly everyone working on vehicles today is wearing gloves. The automotive space has embraced innovation. Thicker gloves made of nitrile—and the development of such specialty products as gloves with Raised Diamond Texture (RDT)—have come to the forefront.

Those on the front lines who’ve adopted top hand protection like Gloveworks with Raised Diamond Texture see its value and sing its praises.

The automotive pros speak

“I’m an auto mechanic and I wear these every day,” says Shane W. “They are the best glove for what I do, and I’ve tried many. Their durability makes them a better value than cheaper gloves.”

“These gloves are fantastic in every way, and they are an absolute godsend for mechanics,” A. Silva says. “I can’t praise the durability of these gloves enough. They are powder free, soft on your hands, fit well, never rip, and still allow you to have a very good tactile feel of what you’re working on while maintaining a solid grasp.”

Gloveworks with RDT has been a revelation since AMMEX introduced it a decade ago. Originally thought of as an esoteric product for a specific high-end audience, RDT instead has become a sensation across all market segments.

Wear ’em once and you’re hooked

These durable nitrile gloves—in 8-mil orange and green, or 6-mil black and royal blue—remove a great deal of the reluctance some folks have about wearing single-use hand protection. Gloveworks with RDT is the kind of product that once an end user tries it, for even a short time, they will not want to wear any other glove.

To start, their grip is hard to beat. With 60 percent more surface area devoted to those little diamonds, they channel away liquids to ensure the wearer can hold on tight to tools and machinery.

They also offer nearly the fit, feel, and comfort of latex gloves, but without aggravating allergies to natural rubber. Combine durability with comfort and you have a glove that is worn longer and protects better than most on the market.

All this and higher profit too!

To top it off, RDT’s margins for our distributor partners are awesome. So it’s a can’t-lose proposition: gloves customers actually want, that deliver top-notch ROI for distributors.

AMMEX is one of the leading sellers of RDT, and we always have excellent inventory. We also have customer service, 98%-plus fill rates, dedication to compliance, and quality control that set us apart.

It’s long past time to glove up vehicle techs from coast to coast. Spread the considerable joys of Raised Diamond Texture and watch your business keep on growing.

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