We Don’t Just Sell You Gloves: Our Programs Help You Sell More Gloves

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Have you ever had questions about which disposable gloves match your needs? Although the topic may seem mundane, single-use gloves are a lot more nuanced than many people think.

In a business that has become largely transactional, AMMEX has systems and processes in place to make sure your questions are answered and your needs fulfilled—by actual humans.

Our dedicated sales and service reps are experts who can advise you how to make the right choice.

In addition, our numerous sales tools and resources can help you stand out from the crowd. Our Online Portal is home to the Product Toolkit, where you will find materials from product information to media assets to selling guides and much more.

Your success matters to us

As always, our goal is growing your glove sales and lifting your bottom line.

If you are buying from another vendor, does that vendor assign you an account manager to provide on-demand service, advice, and insights? Are you kept up to date on market dynamics?

AMMEX accounts receive support from a trained team of industry experts led by a dedicated account manager. Our customers have access to regular market updates and on-demand information. We understand the glove business and know challenges may arise when a product is sourced from 10,000 miles away and inventory is planned months in advance. That’s why we stay in direct contact with our clients.

Does your vendor just sell you gloves—or do they help you sell with customizable sales programs and marketing assets?

Programs to boost your sales

AMMEX has developed dynamic sales and marketing programs that enable our clients to manage their glove business effectively. The Sales Acceleration Solution is a set of support-oriented tools that work equally well self-service or with the help of your account manager.

Does your vendor help you identify the right use specification and recommended compliance standards? AMMEX’s team has the knowledge and tools to recommend solutions for any use case.

We are serious about service. You won’t find this commitment to customers anywhere else.

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We make it simple.

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