Schematic Floor Plans Can Help Make Glove Sales More Visual, Engaging

Food processor wearing nitrile gloves makes bread.

AMMEX has been selling disposable gloves for 35 years. Questions come up daily about how we help customers find the right gloves for their jobs.

Let’s face it: Disposable gloves are out of the ordinary compared with the staples that industrial distributors carry. We know how surprisingly challenging gloves can be to sell effectively; they have specific attributes and target specific needs, and there can be a learning curve in getting all the details just right. We have many tools that answer many glove questions for you. So instead of researching product specifics, you can focus on pitching, prospecting, and closing.

We have a lot of expertise—single-use gloves are our thing—but over the years we’ve tried all kinds of formats, from guides to videos to catalogs to illustrations and more. Some things worked. Some didn’t. The jury is still out on some. But we do know that while some customers respond better to a conversation and a handshake, others prefer a visual explanation they can reference on their schedule.

A visual approach to selling

One format we’ve been working on for the last few months is schematic floor plans. These illustrations look a bit like an infographic but they highlight workplaces in an engaging way, making it easy to see which gloves are best for which areas.

Talking about gloves is what we do, and we can do it all day. We can write endless essays that sing the praises of gloves. But it’s easier if you can say, “Your facility is set up like this. Choose this glove for this task”—and then show someone. The schematics are designed to simplify finding the right glove for the job. It’s the visual aspect that makes the difference.

Giving a helping hand to the buyers

Once you’ve connected with your sales rep, you’ll be able to share these floor plans with your customers—a compelling format they will like having around. They’re designed to work for both sales teams and end users, so anybody will be able to look them over and quickly choose the right glove for the job.

Schematic floor plans will continue to evolve as we further determine which aspects of them are most useful to our customers. Talk to your sales rep, and ask to be kept in the loop as we strive to keep the improvements coming. And keep an eye on this space—we’ll have more to share in the coming months.

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