AMMEX’s 99% Fill Rate on Core Products Protects Customers

Cases of gloves line an aisle in a warehouse.

There is nothing worse than when you and your customers are waiting on products. Not only is it aggravating and heartburn-inducing, but it also can damage your business relationships.

Don’t put yourself through the headaches of wondering when your shipments are going to arrive. If you use vendors that are not well-connected with a network of factories, it can cause problems for keeping your customers supplied.

AMMEX’s 99% fill rate on its top products—like Gloveworks Black Nitrile (GPNB) and Orange Nitrile with Raised Diamond Texture (GWON)—is thanks to our deep, long-term relationships with factories. This protects distributor partners from slowdowns or missed shipments. That means they benefit from predictability and enjoy peace of mind.

Once in a while isn’t good enough

Can just about anybody do that for a few cases or even a container? Probably—but unless a vendor has scale and an extensive network, doing it consistently for thousands and thousands of cases a year is another matter. We’ve been doing it for 35 years, which gives us a pretty good track record.

Our sourcing is optimized across Southeast Asia and China via entrenched factory relationships, on-the-ground presence, and years of industry expertise. This ensures availability for our customers, even with products ordered months in advance that come from half a world away.

We have seen factories close, temporarily or permanently, for a variety of reasons. We’ve even seen one burn down. But our redundancies allow us to maintain the supply our customers need.

Our teams are always at the ready

If you are confident that the disposable gloves you’ve ordered will be available when you need them, great. But AMMEX has teams on the ground that remain in constant communication with the manufacturers who make our gloves. These teams perform 100% quality-control inspections of shipments to ensure products meet or exceed our rigorous standards.

If your glove vendor informs you that there was an unexpected disaster at the plant producing your order—from fires to quarantines to the occasional social unrest—and your order cannot be filled, that can throw a supply line into chaos. We have dealt with all kinds of emergencies and always have a redundancy plan to ensure the flow of gloves is not interrupted.

Why take chances with your livelihood? Stick with AMMEX, the vendor that always has all the bases—and hands—covered.

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