Customer Focus Has Driven AMMEX for 35 Years

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If there’s a thread that runs throughout AMMEX’s 35-year history, it’s commitment to customers.

Ever since 24-year-old Fred Crosetto started this company in 1988—and at first sold gloves out of the trunk of his car as he built his brand—AMMEX’s focus has been on delivering what customers need, as well as helping them grow their glove sales.

Keyo Gold has been at the company for two decades. Today he is CEO—and still insisting that AMMEX put its customers first.

“I’ve always believed in a strong customer focus,” he says. “It’s a priority in our core values, it’s a priority in our goals. I’m definitely a sales and marketing guy, and sales and marketing prioritize connections with customers. If you can see everything through a sales lens, a customer-oriented bias, the business will continue to grow.”

All roads lead to customer satisfaction

Helping people find the right single-use glove for the job continues to be AMMEX’s No. 1 goal. At various times in the last 35 years, the company has dabbled in other ventures—even attempting a brief flirtation with axles. (Yes, for cars). In the early ’00s, AMMEX even opened a distribution center in Cincinnati to go with its existing facility in Seattle. The company soon returned to its strength: helping distributors grow their personal protective equipment sales.

That’s because we realize that a majority of our customers, regardless of how many gloves they sell, have broad catalogs with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of products. As a result, we focus on each individual customer. Our customer service and sales reps provide personalized attention to all of our distributor partners.

Sourcing and selling gloves at scale is a surprisingly complex and nuanced undertaking. That’s why we have a committed global team, with boots-on-the-ground QA inspectors, to deliver the best products. In short, we do the behind-the-scenes work to make selling easier (and more lucrative) for our distributor partners.

Simply put: This system works

Our Sales Acceleration Solution  assembles a collection of tools to help distributors work with their customers to choose the right glove for the job, every time. It’s about precision selling, helping the end user get the product they need so they keep coming back for more.

AMMEX’s strategic-level focus on sourcing, quality control, compliance, and supply chain is the result of painstaking effort perfected over 35 years. We got to this point through trial and error, and have learned as much if not more from our shortcomings as our successes.

We will continue to do that through redundancy—cultivating multiple sources to avoid future product shortfalls—first-rate quality assurance, and one-on-one customer service. Anybody can sell you gloves, but AMMEX helps you sell more gloves and grow your business.

AMMEX remains committed to putting our customers’ needs first and helping them find the right glove for the job, every time. It’s just what we do.

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