The No. 1 Secret to Growing Your Disposable Glove Business

A hand wearing a single-use blue glove uses chalk to draw RESULTS and ascending arrows on a blackboard.

Hey, industrial distributors! Are you looking to add a sweet source of profit?

If you’re not selling single-use gloves, you need to start. They’re a lucrative addition to any catalog. Let’s face it: Even if the pandemic is over (it isn’t), hand protection is central to promoting health, hygiene, and safety in any industry.

Rule No. 1 why distributors succeed with disposable gloves: It all revolves around your relationship with your customers and the service you provide. Those who deliver outstanding service will win in the end.

The personal touch always carries the day

Service in the disposable glove industry is unique. You have to be there when the demand is ripe or your customers will buy from someone else.

As much as 70 percent of businesses use disposable gloves—but they don’t always buy the right gloves. You need to ensure they are well-outfitted with the gloves they need, or risk losing the sale.

One great thing about gloves is they are a recurring business, so if your customers buy them once they’ll likely buy them again.

Getting started is not difficult. Sit down and calculate just how much money you’re leaving on the table by not maximizing glove sales. Do you sell to 10% of your customer base? 20% Why not 70% or more?

Don’t stock more than you can sell

Next, set the right lineup. You don’t want to carry AMMEX’s entire product line, because it’s simply too big. Usually, three to four products with three SKUs—medium, large, and extra-large—per product is a good starting point.

Start with at least one glove from the Gloveworks heavy-duty nitrile suite. Featuring Raised Diamond Texture for enhanced grip, the gloves come in 8-mil, high-visibility orange and green, and 6-mil black and royal blue. They are right at home in any mechanic’s toolbox.

For No. 2, a black, premium-grade glove like Gloveworks Black Nitrile (GPNB) is a solid choice. At 5 mils, they are thick enough to deliver protection while maintaining dexterity, touch, and feel. The black color makes them look professional and conceals dirt, grease, and grime.

Finally, a light-duty glove is essential to so many industries, from foodservice and processing to jan/san and more. There are answers both in nitrile—X3 Black Nitrile (BX3) and X3 Blue Nitrile (X3)—and vinyl, with X3 Clear Vinyl (GPX3). All of these gloves are 3 mils thick and great at covering a lot of bases.

Let AMMEX help you sell more

After you’ve chosen your primary products, sign up for support to ensure you have the sales plan that best suits your needs. AMMEX’s Sales Acceleration Solution offers a number of tools to help our partners compete for and win business. It utilizes flyers, charts, images, 1:1 support from sales reps, and—most important—no-cost glove samples.

Samples equal sales. Letting your customers try before they buy increases your percentage of converting the business by as much as 50 percent. It’s a proven system to grow your revenue.

Gloves are an opportunity waiting to be seized. Effort, persistence, and top-notch customer service will prevail; indifference will prevent your business from growing.

Your customers are buying gloves from someone. Why not make sure it’s from you?

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