The No. 1 Secret to Training a Glove Expert

An illustration shows a production line producing both salespeople and disposable gloves.

Training a good sales rep is not easy.

It can take a long time, and require both extensive product knowledge and refinement of technique (e.g., lots of practice calls). Just knowledge isn’t enough, either: strong communication and persuasion skills are not optional. And, of course, the candidate needs to have a motor that revs into overdrive.

Training a glove expert does not have to take as long. Yes, there is nuance and expertise to absorb. But it’s possible to make the right candidate effective in a relatively short time—if you teach them to ask the right questions.

The questions are ultimately simple and pragmatic, but cover 90 percent of what a would-be glove expert needs to know when closing a deal.

  1. What gloves have you been buying? What will you use them for?
  2. Have the gloves you have been using worked well for you?
  3. How often do you reorder? Are you planning to reorder soon?

Personalization is part of the deal

Of these basic questions, reps-to-be need to figure out which work best for them. This is where truly understanding the client comes in. AMMEX can help, but we can’t ask the questions for them.

Selling gloves is great way for a new rep to start. Most distributors’ catalogs contain dozens or even hundreds of products; that’s a lot to learn for just about anybody. By limiting your glove sales to just a few products, you make it easier for a trainee to build a foundation of knowledge about hand protection.

For anyone selling gloves, a thorough understanding of the features, benefits, and technical specs of the gloves is essential.

Your one-stop shop for knowledge

The glove experts at AMMEX have tools to equip your salespeople. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge at the Product Toolkit page in the AMMEX Online Portal (log in here). It’s easy to download data sheets, images you can use in marketing, flyers, a product catalog, and more. The option to download assets by product makes it even simpler.

Training videos go a long way toward helping to establish talking points about AMMEX Professional, Gloveworks, and X3 hand-protection products.

Another excellent asset is our Sales Acceleration Solution (SAS), a program proven to grow disposable glove sales and improve customer satisfaction. A key feature of SAS is glove samples, which allows your customers to try before they buy—a boon to any salesperson. We’ve discovered through the years that samples will deliver 50% more sales.

It’s all about easing their pain

Also essential is understanding the pain points of customers, and tailoring the pitch to address those needs. Is the customer using a light-duty glove like 3-mil vinyl (GPX3) and finding they don’t hold up to the rigors of the job? Upsell to a versatile, middle-weight glove like our 5-mil black nitrile (GPNB).

If that still isn’t enough, try our Raised Diamond Texture Suite, including 8-mil orange (GWON) and green (GWGN). If they are using a heavier glove for janitorial or foodservice applications, it may be too much glove—in which case 3-mil black (BX3) and blue (X3) are a great fit and can deliver cost savings.

Check out the assets on or in our Online Portal, then reach out to your AMMEX sales rep to get started on training up your salespeople—and watch your glove profits grow.

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