The Direct Route to Success: Gloveworks Nitrile With Raised Diamond Texture

A mechanic works on an engine while wearing orange nitrile gloves from Gloveworks.

If you could carry only one glove, this would be it.

Gloveworks Orange Nitrile with Raised Diamond Texture has, since its introduction nearly a decade ago, been a game-changer.

Chances are good that you’ve heard or seen the benefits. We just did another round of surveying our customers for their opinion, and the results are, if anything, consistent: When 100% of distributors—people who are selling the gloves—praise it and say they would recommend it to others, you tend to sit up and take notice.

The track record speaks for itself

This glove is not successful because we tell you it will be. It’s successful because our customers sell it, their customers use it, and it’s a good experience all around.

Excellent hand protection is, of course, just the baseline experience. These gloves are also certified winners at ROI, delivering margins that will make you smile.

There are three other gloves in the RDT suite: 8-mil green and 6-mil black and royal blue. All make the most of their superior engineering and top-notch production values. These are gloves that customers, once they discover the RDT difference, will order again and again.

A glove you can count on

RDT will quickly become your go-to glove. It’s lucrative, it’s fast, and you know you can sell it. Maybe just orange, maybe all four varieties. But there is money to be made with these gloves.

Truth be told, most customers don’t buy RDT from scratch; it’s an upsell from standard industrial gloves. It’s also in all likelihood more glove than is needed for light- and middle-weight applications. There are, however, opportunities to be creative.

If you have janitorial customers, they can probably stick with a 3-mil nitrile or vinyl glove for many tasks like cleaning and sanitizing. But if they are handling potentially hazardous refuse or working with heavier tools or machinery, upgrading to RDT will perfectly complement their normal protective equipment.

Black nitrile is a great starting point

If you have customers who don’t now use a middle-weight nitrile glove—say, for instance, Gloveworks Black Nitrile (GPNB)—starting them on that is a good strategy if they’re reluctant to right away take the step up to RDT. It’s a versatile and dependable glove suited to countless tasks.

Once they realize the many benefits of using nitrile, you can introduce RDT as the attractive upgrade it is. As soon as they experience the difference, they won’t want to use anything else, and you snag a long-term customer on a product that keeps on delivering for everyone involved.

The customers in that survey—taken only a couple weeks ago—weren’t just spouting platitudes. It’s rare to get 100% of anybody to agree on anything these days. With word-of-mouth like that, you can’t go wrong: Put RDT in your lineup and keep your customers coming back for more.

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