Feel the Difference: Raised Diamond Texture Raises the Bar for Performance

Gloveworks Industrial Orange Nitrile Gloves with Raised Diamond Texture are, frankly, one heck of a glove. More than 30,000 users have rated them as special.

The reasons are obvious: Amazing grip. Superior comfort. The barrier protection that 8-mil premium nitrile provides. And the confidence that these gloves will get the job done.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is some of what our verified, 5-star-review customers are saying.

First, what about grip?

“These gloves are fantastic!” says one. “When you’re working on your truck or motorcycle and you need grip while your fingers are oily and greasy, these are the gloves for you.”

“These are outstanding for working around the house,” says another. “They keep my hands clean and dry; on top of that, they have textured grip that is extremely helpful, especially when the gloves are wet. They really are the best of all worlds.”

The gloves that last and last

Then there’s durability and strength.

“I’m an auto mechanic and I wear these every day. They are the best glove for what I do, and I’ve tried many. Their durability makes them a better value than cheaper gloves.”

“I really like these gloves. They are strong enough to reuse several times—they haven’t ripped on me.”

High prices? No, but high value

How about value?

“This product has held up for long hours of painting and auto repair work. A great value—I will buy this product again.”

“Absolutely amazing! I use them for gardening, cleaning, construction—everything. I can put them under heavy gloves so my hands stay totally clean. Recommend 10,000%!”

Gloves with Raised Diamond Texture (RDT) feature 60% more surface area to channel away liquids for an unbeatable grip on tools and machinery. The 8-mil thickness means greater resistance to punctures, rips, and tears, and provides for extended-duration use. And Gloveworks with RDT puts you in control of your glove changes—they don’t control you. One pair can handle most jobs.

Samples are essential to sales

Try them for yourself, then share the experience with your customers. That’s easy to do at our Sample Request page. One of the most important equations in the glove universe is “Samples Equal Sales.”

The distributor margins on Gloveworks with RDT are exemplary. You can get first-rate ROI for gloves that win over customers to the point that they never want to use any other.

Not all disposable gloves are created equal. Gloveworks Raised Diamond Texture Gloves—in 8-mil orange and green, 6-mil black and royal blueraise the bar for hand protection. Log into your account at our Online Portal to see what’s available and place an order.

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