It’s Simple: Samples = Sales

Samples can enhance the prospects of selling more disposable gloves.

Attention, industrial distributors! Do you want to grow your customer base and strengthen client relationships, all while substantially boosting your profits?

It’s easy: Add disposable gloves from AMMEX to your product line, and watch your bottom line rise.

Disposable gloves generate high-margin residual revenue, are recession proof, and drive customer engagement across numerous industries.

Reach out and shake hands

And what’s the best way to get engaged with your customers? It starts with sample kits, which AMMEX provides for each of your sales reps to take into the field.

Each kit comes with a bundle of custom flyers, a laminated glove chart, and samples of the glove lineup you carry. Whether it’s nitrile, latex, vinyl, or polyethylene gloves you’re selling, we’ve got you covered.

The chart is important for your sales staff—it means they won’t have to memorize a lot of facts about gloves, yet they’ll have the information they need at a moment’s glance. One side lists your products along with descriptions and codes to make ordering easier. The reverse side displays more than 145 of the most common chemicals and which glove material is right for each.

The art and science of pricing

The custom flyers prominently feature your logo and contact information as well as your glove lineup, with the most expensive product listed at the top. The products decrease in price from top to bottom. It’s what we call anchor pricing, and it allows customers to choose the right quality for the right price.

Placing premium products near standard options may help create a clearer sense of value for potential customers, who will view the less expensive options as a bargain in comparison.

That provides the perfect opening to share with them the glove samples—and there is no greater selling device than putting a product into (or, in this case, onto) the hands of a customer.

Feeling is believing

Your customers will be able to examine the materials, sizing, fit, and other features to get the perfect gloves the first time they buy, lessening the frequency of returns.

And best of all: Glove samples and flyers will give you 50% more sales than you’d get with any other marketing materials.

Your customers are already buying gloves. Why aren’t they buying them from you?

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