4 Key Reasons to Become a Distributor with AMMEX

Are you looking to take your business to the next level?

At AMMEX, we understand what it takes to make the choices needed to transform your bottom line. Over 30 years we have developed highly effective, no-risk sales and marketing programs that help thousands of distributors to sell millions of disposable gloves—and getting started is easy.

Success gets easier when you feature our products, which deliver high-margin residual revenue. They’re also recession proof, and they drive customer engagement across multiple industries.

There is money to be made

If you have a distribution business, our system can help you quickly gain thousands of dollars in additional revenue. At no cost, we provide end-to-end marketing support for your team, sales training materials, product shipping, individualized glove samples, and a 90-day money-back guarantee for starting or new product orders.

So what are you going to change to take your business to the next level? At AMMEX we back our distributors with new products, state-of-the-art technologies, and winning sales strategies for selling disposable gloves.

Bottom line: We don’t just give you gloves to sell—we help you sell more. AMMEX distributors grow their glove sales by an average of 31%.

It’s all about the partnership

How do we help our distributors achieve this astonishing growth in glove sales? Here are four key reasons to become a distributor with AMMEX and why leading distributors choose us:

  • Superior Quality. Since 1988, we have perfected the quality-control process, while still offering a price point that your customers demand. This includes ISO-certified facilities, third-party control and auditing, pre- and post-shipment quality inspections, and internal guidelines that greatly exceed industry standards.
  • Competitive Prices. Selling a commodity can be challenging, but AMMEX has the tools in place to help our distributors succeed. We know you need to be competitive, but there is more than just price. You need selection and availability, along with proven sales support. AMMEX’s global supply chain is optimized to provide you with competitive prices, industry-leading fill rates, and superior order accuracy.
  • Outstanding Supply. Our global footprint of distribution centers, sourcing and procurement offices, and quality-control facilities not only encompasses all of North America but China as well. In addition to China, we have offices in Malaysia, the Philippines, and the Netherlands. The AMMEX global presence and our exacting attention to detail are the reasons we deliver 99.6% fill rates, with 99.8% order accuracy.
  • Outstanding Service. The service and support that we provide our distributors are simply the best. Whether it’s our “Go to Market” sales strategy to support our clients’ glove growth or our innovative marketing programs customized for your business, it all comes down to one thing: AMMEX helps you sell more gloves.

We put partners’ needs first

In business, having the right partner is vital for growth. That is why you should take advantage of the unique sales support service offered by AMMEX’s Sales Acceleration Solution®. When you partner with AMMEX you get much more than a supplier—you get a wide array of help to boost your profits and reach a broader client base.

In addition, AMMEX carries the widest variety of disposable glove products to meet your customers’ needs.  Our focus is on supporting AMMEX’s wholesale distributors with high-quality products, outstanding service, competitive prices, and proven marketing support.

Interested in growing your business?  Become an AMMEX distributor today.

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