What Does Your Glove Vendor Do for You?

Have you ever seriously evaluated your relationship with your disposable glove vendor? Sure, they’re happy to sell you gloves—but do they do anything beyond the sale to help you sell those gloves to your customers?

Not all vendors will give you what you need to be successful. You buy their merchandise, money changes hands, and you have little if any contact until it’s time to order again.

Don’t settle for second rate

You don’t have to be content with that type of relationship. In fact, you should seek something more akin to a partnership that helps you grow and develop your sales strategies.

At AMMEX, we want to see you succeed. We provide the tools and assistance so you can achieve your sales goals for gloves.

What do you get for your money?

When evaluating your vendor, you should examine several factors to determine if that interaction is more relational or transactional. If your vendor’s sales representatives contact you only when it’s time to reorder, you may not be in a strong relationship. Here are questions to help determine if your vendor is taking the extra step:

  • Does the vendor understand the full scope of your business? According to ZDNet, this is one of the most important aspects of evaluating a vendor. If your glove supplier does not understand your market or your strategy, how will it ensure you are getting the right types of gloves? Automotive work, for example, requires heavy-duty nitrile gloves. Does your vendor make those available to you?
  • Does the vendor keep in touch? This means more than just phoning in when your supply is low. Is your supplier recommending new products, and are those products viable for your market? When new industry trends appear, does your vendor keep you posted and provide strategies for how to leverage those trends for sales?
  • Does the vendor give you strategies for success? A vendor who suggests best practices is essential to a good relationship. While gloves are useful in a number of industries, emerging market opportunities where employees traditionally did not wear gloves still present some opposition. Is your vendor helping your team overcome those challenges?

The AMMEX total package

Are you tired of not maximizing the opportunity? It’s time to succeed with the best. Let AMMEX supercharge your sales teams! In addition to excellent quality control and a first-rate supply chain, we provide sales and marketing support.

AMMEX’s industry-specific materials include marketing and samples tailored to your specific customer base. You will also receive custom flyers for your business. This allows you to get your customers up to date while promoting your business as their one-stop shop for their barrier protection needs.

Like any vendor, we will update you when we have new products. Our Gloveworks Heavy Duty Orange Nitrile gloves, for example, provide a number of features, and if you have an industrial facility nearby, we are going to tell you the value proposition these gloves have for those customers. But we’ll always stay on point.

Any vendor can sell you gloves. AMMEX helps you sell more gloves.

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