Why Partner With AMMEX?

What are the most difficult challenges that small to medium-sized distributors face?

Eroding margins that damage your bottom line? Online retailers that create chaotic price structures? Or maybe getting the support you need from vendors to help you achieve your sales goals?

AMMEX crafts its relationships to deliver maximum benefit to our partners. Over 30 years, we’ve developed a highly effective, no-risk program that has helped thousands of distributors to sell millions of gloves.

More than just goods

In today’s splintered marketplace, it’s not enough to have products—you need the tools and resources to drive great impressions. In a word, you need to provide service, something AMMEX helps its partners deliver.

Disposable gloves are recession-proof and drive customer engagement and revenue. And with our program, you don’t have to be an expert at selling gloves: We’ll provide you with what you need to sell more gloves quickly.

What we do for you

When we join your team, we provide support in 4 key areas:

  1. Sales training
  2. Individually packaged glove samples
  3. Personalized marketing materials
  4. Digital media & content

1. Sales training

Training programs are necessary to educate your team on product details and successful sales methods. This includes short product training videos that your team members can watch as needed so they are always well-versed before walking into a conversation with a potential customer.

2. Individually packaged glove samples

Possibly the most important feature in AMMEX’s sales and marketing tools, glove samples allow your customers to try on the product in front of you before buying. Once they realize that the quality of the gloves is so much higher than the cheap gloves they’ve been buying from your competitors, they’ll be ready to switch on the spot.

3. Personalized marketing materials

Personalized marketing content such as branded flyers gives your sales team all the material they need to spread the word and close the deal. The flyers display your pricing structure, and you get a chart that shows the resistance to chemicals of nitrile, latex, and vinyl gloves.

4. Digital media & content

Through our Partner Portalyou will have access to hundreds of high-resolution images and written content to take your digital marketing to the next level. Adding products to your website and promoting them on digital marketing channels such as social media is easy when you have access to all of the content you need.

The bottom line is growth 

All of this ties into our Sales Acceleration Solution® (SAS)a unique AMMEX program that helps you grow your company’s profits from the gloves in your lineup. Partners who take full advantage of our SAS program and free marketing support see an average of 32.6% increase in revenue year over year.

Many of your customers already buy disposable gloves. Why aren’t they buying them from you? Get started today!

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