Team Up With AMMEX, and Win

At AMMEX, we believe in teamwork.

Teamwork on the inside, where our sales, marketing, customer service, finance, and supply chain teams collaborate daily to achieve the best possible results.

And teamwork on the outside: AMMEX joins with our partners to help them develop stronger customer relationships as well as making their disposable glove sales take off.

Expand your business boundaries

That’s the philosophy behind our Sales Acceleration Solution®, a unique AMMEX program that helps you add disposable gloves to your product lineup—and exponentially increase your profits, all while building your customer base.

We help to educate your team on product details and sales methods, personalized to suit your particular needs.

Our marketing and visual media teams deliver sample kits and branded flyers to provide your sales reps with the tools to seal the deal. Dedicated sales and customer service representatives are always just a call away.

Our Partner Portal grants access to hi-res images and other content to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level.

Sophistication is not optional

Today’s consumers—both B2B and B2C—are more knowledgeable and discriminating than ever, and constantly connected. With online access to product information, price comparisons, user reviews, and recommendations on social media, they make informed and rapid buying decisions in this new omnichannel marketplace.

To compete successfully, distributors must demand more: more support, tools, and resources from vendors to reach more customers, tap into more opportunities, and grow more sales.

The resources of the Partner Portal—which give our valued partners exclusive access to an online toolkit in one convenient place—combined with the invaluable training and support of the Sales Acceleration Solution®, deliver what you need to succeed.

You may be a superstar salesperson, but how do you boost sales even further? How do you sustain long-term relationships with your clients? Teamwork wins, which is why you should take advantage of the Sales Acceleration Solution.

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