AMMEX: Your Partner in Profit

AMMEX helps you sell more disposable gloves and grow your profits.

Distributors know how fickle the modern marketplace can be. With rising costs, eroding margins, underperforming sales, and challenges from online retailers, it’s getting harder to protect your bottom line.

Partner with AMMEX, and we can help you boost your profits and nourish your customer base in a simple and effective way: Adding disposable gloves to your product line.

Discover where the value lies

It can be easy to not see disposable gloves as a robust profit center when the bulk of your sales consists of auto parts and chemicals. Too often, gloves become an afterthought because salespeople aren’t comfortable talking about them, or they don’t see the value in this ancillary line.

The AMMEX system will change that line of thinking.

How? By teaching you to be a glove expert: Our training programs educate your team on product details and sales methods that will help your company grow its glove sales.

By providing the kind of marketing support that delivers results: Personalized flyers, glove charts, and chemical resistance charts, as well as digital marketing content, will help promote your glove line and drive your business.

Samples equal sales

Free individualized glove samples let customers try before they buy. It’s one of the most dependable ways to build your sales—we’re confident your customers will prefer the fit, feel, protection, and value of AMMEX gloves. 

Through our Partner Portal, you will have access to hi-res images and digital content to take your online marketing strategy to the next level.

Our product quality control is top-rate. The long relationships we’ve maintained with our network of manufacturers ensures you’re getting the highest-quality gloves in the industry.

Distribution? Our bicoastal warehousing means you can count on prompt delivery of your order. We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee for starting or new product orders, and we’ll even pick it up.

It’s about the relationships

AMMEX has a 30-year track record of helping distributors build their profits while they build their customer base. Our Sales Acceleration Solution® is a unique program designed to supercharge your sales and your relationships.

If you want to grow, having the right partner is vital. With AMMEX you get much more than a supplier: top-quality products, competitive prices, outstanding service, and proven marketing support.

Anyone can sell you gloves. AMMEX helps you sell more gloves.

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