AMMEX, Disposable Glove Industry Battle COVID-19 on Front Lines

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In uncertain times, it is anything but business as usual in the disposable glove industry. As such, companies like AMMEX continue to see the extraordinary impact of worldwide pandemics such as COVID-19 and how they disrupt so much of our daily lives. AMMEX is committed to doing its part to support its customers and their communities with critical and essential PPE products during world health events.

During these times, our team works around the clock to ensure that its customers, local and state institutions, and governments have as much supply of disposable gloves as possible. These pandemics are fought on the front lines.

A history of preparedness

For over 30 years, AMMEX has been the leading distributor of disposable gloves in the United States, expanding into Canada, Asia, and Europe. It has weathered global health events such as N1H1, swine flu, MERSA, and others by strategically managing its supply chain while providing necessary product to its partners.

Glove manufacturers and the worldwide supply chain are under immense pressure because of the novel coronavirus. The global demand for disposable gloves is estimated to exceed supply by 5 to 10 times. There are enormous increases in glove orders, yet production capacity is booked into September. Due to the size and speed of the outbreak, manufacturers struggle to meet the surging demand.

During pandemics like COVID-19, AMMEX has seen a reduction in capacity from several factories due to the limited labor supply caused by travel and work restrictions from local governments. There are also raw material and chemical shortages due to longer lead times for new materials and disruptions in packaging supply. In addition, incoming container slowdowns from the United States and European Union cause equipment shortages and loading challenges across China and Southeast Asia.

Putting healthcare needs first

In times of pandemics and worldwide health crises, AMMEX’s medical-grade product is managed by its partnership with Amazon to ensure healthcare organizations have access to it. The company continues to work with partners to supply industrial-grade gloves for their customers.

AMMEX will always value your business. It remains committed to supporting you however it can, and will keep you informed to the best of its ability.

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