Vinyl Gloves: Versatility, Cost Make Them an Attractive Option

Vinyl gloves are versatile and more affordable than nitrile gloves.

Here we are, already in the second quarter of 2021. Time sure does fly. How’s your year going?

The disposable glove market is chugging along, doing its best to overcome challenges. Whether it’s capacity limitations or supply chain issues or elevated pricing, distributors have a lot to deal with in procuring gloves for their customers.

Nitrile, nearly everyone’s glove material of choice, remains in short supply and pricey to boot. Latex is not widely available either. This leaves vinyl as the best option for most end-users.

That reality may not thrill some distributors, whose customers have rejected vinyl while expressing their undying love for all gloves nitrile. But there simply will never be enough nitrile to keep everyone happy. Even as capacity increases and manufacturers produce more nitrile gloves, relentless demand will not be dying down anytime soon.

Vinyl is a versatile material

And nitrile lovers may be loath to admit it, but not all vinyl is created equal.

As you can see in the chart below, AMMEX offers 12 vinyl products. They come in both exam and industrial grades, in colors including blue, black, and clear. They are an excellent solution for many tasks for which nitrile has always been preferred: food service, janitorial, and nail & beauty, to name just a few.

To add to vinyl’s versatility, there are synthetic hybrids. They combine the affordability of standard vinyl with synthetic rubber elastomers that enhance their elongation rate, elasticity, and flexibility while increasing their tensile strength. Many who have tried hybrids find their performance surprisingly close to lightweight nitrile.

Vinyl is not going away

Will vinyl ever overtake nitrile? No. It is not a straight-up replacement. But it is not going away, and it will always produce a variety of good products at attractive price points.

We have vinyl gloves in our warehouse, ready to ship to distributors or directly to their customers—no need to wait. We also are open to conversations about large-volume discounts.

For advice on talking with your customers about vinyl, try our Guide to Selling Vinyl.



AMMEX Stretch Synthetic Blue Vinyl Exam Gloves (VSBPF): Durable, form-fitting, flexible exam gloves that can help reduce hand strain and fatigue while also providing a high degree of tactile sensitivity. Dependable barrier protection against pathogens.


AMMEX Stretch Synthetic Clear Vinyl Exam Gloves (VSPF): Great performers in non-sterile medical applications. Latex-free, yet durable and form-fitting, with extra flexibility to reduce hand fatigue. Reliable barrier protection for healthcare tasks.



Gloveworks Black Synthetic Vinyl Industrial Gloves (GWBKQV): Black is the hottest color for looking cool—and professional. Synthetic rubber elastomers and vinyl polymers combine to deliver high elasticity and comfort.


Gloveworks Blue Synthetic Vinyl Industrial Gloves (GWQIV): Made of synthetic stretch vinyl, a latex-free and powder-free blend of elastomers and PVC. Remarkable comfort and high tactile sensitivity in a versatile glove with numerous applications.


Gloveworks Blue Synthetic Vinyl Industrial Gloves (QIV): An awesome, latex-free blend of elastomers and PVC. An exceptionally soft, supple, and elastic glove that features unique shape memory. Great for a wide variety of light-duty applications.


X3 White Stretch Hybrid Poly Industrial Gloves (TEX3): More form-fitting than regular polyethylene gloves, these hybrids deliver good comfort while remaining loose enough for frequent glove changes. Great for working with food. Sold 200 per box.



AMMEX Clear Vinyl Exam Gloves (VPF): An excellent value for healthcare professionals, home users, and tasks that require frequent glove changes. Dependable lightweight, latex-free barrier protection against pathogens and contaminants.



AMMEX X3 Clear Vinyl Industrial Gloves (GPX3): Dependable barrier protection for lightweight tasks involving common cleaning solutions, hair dyes, and other non-hazardous materials. A great all-around glove. Also sold 200 gloves per box.


Gloveworks Clear Vinyl Industrial Gloves (IV): VSPF These powdered industrial gloves solve the problem of damp hands in moisture-rich environments. Ideal for plumbing, janitorial, beauty, and food. The powder makes the gloves easier to don.


Gloveworks Blue Vinyl Industrial Gloves (IVBPF): High-visibility blue color is an important safety feature in food production, especially in baking and working with seafood. If a tiny bit of a glove becomes detached, you want to find it before it ends up in the food.


Gloveworks Black Vinyl Industrial Gloves (IVBKPF): Non-translucent black color gives them a professional appearance and helps to conceal dirt and grime. Perfect for tasks from food service to janitorial to salon & beauty to light industrial. Latex free.


Gloveworks Clear Vinyl Industrial Gloves (IVPF): Comfortable fit and dependable resistance to cleaning solutions. Can help prevent cross-contamination when used with food. A low-cost solution for tasks requiring frequent glove changes.

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