AMMEX’s GPX3 Vinyl Industrial Gloves Are Ready to Ship Today

GPX3 gloves from AMMEX are perfect for working with food.

There are not a lot of bargains to be had these days. But we have one you might want to check out.

Value is a difficult thing to come by in today’s disposable glove marketplace.

With nitrile and latex prices going through the roof—and lack of availability only compounding the situation—finding a “go-to” glove that you can stick with is difficult.

Some have found refuge in synthetic hybrid gloves. This blend of elastomers and PVC combines the versatility, lower cost—and greater availability—of vinyl with the improved fit and feel, greater comfort, and better barrier protection one would normally enjoy with nitrile. Adding synthetic rubber to vinyl gloves imbues them with nitrile-like properties, enhances their elongation rate, elasticity, and flexibility, and increases their tensile strength.

A deal too good to pass up

But the best deal we are offering today—and by today, we mean right now—is our GPX3.

These 3-mil, clear vinyl industrial gloves are the very definition of “value”: a terrific product at a terrific price. You should not have to sacrifice quality for savings.

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Lightweight and versatile, these gloves are excellent for short-duration uses where you are changing gloves frequently. Vinyl is not as elastic as nitrile and latex, which means it has a loose fit and a smooth, comfortable feel. Vinyl gloves go on and off easily, making them perfect for applications that require frequent changes.

Not a scrap of latex

These gloves are latex-free, so they won’t aggravate sensitivities to natural rubber, and powder-free, which means no messy residue.

While we do not recommend them for working with machinery or harsh chemicals, of course, they have sufficient barrier protection for light-duty tasks involving common cleaning solutions, hair dyes, and other non-hazardous materials.

That means they deliver affordable, effective safety and hygiene for a variety of work environments: food service, painting, janitorial, sanitation, plumbing, beauty, and more. They also come in handy around the house for countless uses.

Ready to move

Best of all, we have GPX3 clear vinyl gloves in our warehouse that are ready to ship. No delays, no crossing of fingers hoping your shipment will come in. Just order, and they are on the way—and we can ship directly to your customers.

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