AMMEX Disposable Gloves Have a Sharp New Look for 2021

AMMEX's new packaging will begin to make its debut in February 2021.


AMMEX disposable gloves will come in a different wrapper starting this month, but don’t fret: They will still be the same great gloves.

Those who purchase disposable gloves from AMMEX in the coming weeks may notice a new look and feel for all of our packaging. The reason for this redesign is three-fold: We are aligning our brands, simplifying packaging layouts, and making them more presentable.

Over the last 30-plus years in business, AMMEX has launched dozens of products. Some have come and gone, but many are still there anchoring our lineup day in and day out. This new direction simplifies our presentation and aligns our products around three brands:


Gloveworks: This comprehensive lineup of industrial- and exam-grade gloves in nitrile, vinyl, and latex is where you will find many of our steadiest performers, including heavy-duty nitrile with raised diamond texture, heavy-duty latex, and medium-duty gloves in all materials. Colors include black, blue, orange, green, ivory, and clear. This is also where our GlovePlus gloves will make their home from now on.


AMMEX Professional: A range of exam-grade, light-duty gloves that protect against pathogens and contaminants. Healthcare professionals will find all their favorites here, including nitrile (ABNPF, ACNPF, AINPF, APFN), latex (GPPFT), and vinyl (VPF, VSPF, VSBPF). The colors are blue, black, indigo, clear, and ivory.


X3: These nitrile, vinyl, latex, and polyethylene industrial gloves provide dependable hand protection for countless light-duty applications. They come in black, blue, ivory, and clear.

One reason for making the change is that our new boxes are suitable for both horizontal and vertical positioning, which provides retail customers with more display flexibility. Plus, we added a sizing guide, refined use-case icons, streamlined box sizes and layouts, and more.

And if you have any fears that products are being discontinued, the answer is no. We will continue to carry the same gloves you know and love. All product codes and UPCs will remain the same. While the GlovePlus brand is no longer active, all those products are still available under their previous codes and the Gloveworks moniker.

These are the same dependable gloves you trust, just in new packaging. You can continue to expect the same great results you’ve always enjoyed.

Over the next few months, you may continue to see our previous packaging or a new and old mix as we work through this transition. Don’t be alarmed; the quality is the same.

Please reach out to your sales representative if you have questions. You can also download our packaging transition guide for more detailed information.

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