Restaurant Reopenings a Great Opportunity to Sell Vinyl Gloves at an Awesome Price

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Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. COVID vaccinations are largely going well. Despite a potential fourth surge of coronavirus infections, and troubling developments in such places as Illinois and Michigan, optimism over reopening society is becoming more common.

Those in the business of disposable gloves should note that even with this encouraging news, the need for personal protective equipment is not going away.

A lot of activities Californians haven’t been able to enjoy for most of the past year are suddenly within reach. Last week, two of the state’s most populous counties—Orange and Los Angeles—were cleared to more significantly reopen business and other public spaces.

Red hots! Get your red hots here!

Yankee Stadium in New York was open to 11,000 people for Opening Day; Connecticut has eliminated many capacity limits for restaurants and other public spaces; Maryland, which had been slow to reopen, lifted limits at many public venues; and, of course, Texas and Florida have been wide open for more than a month.

Restaurants were among the hardest hit businesses during the first year of the coronavirus. In its 2021 State of the Restaurant Industry Report, the National Restaurant Association said that sales in the food service industry fell by $240 billion in 2020, and as of Dec. 1 of last year, more than 110,000 eating and drinking establishments were closed, either temporarily or for good.

Prepare for economic takeoff

This year’s reopenings are coming at a crucial time. The U.S. economy is expected to boom in the second quarter, which will be fantastic not only for the stock market but also for those businesses that benefit from increased consumer spending—particularly food service and hospitality.

With Americans who have been cooped up for more than a year ready to get out and spend on food, frolic, and fun, restaurants and bars will need to be ready for a sudden increase in traffic.

Disposable gloves will be more important than ever for all employees, from hosts/hostesses to wait staff to kitchen workers to cleanup crews. With prices on nitrile gloves being elevated at the moment, a great solution is vinyl gloves, especially synthetic hybrid vinyl.

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With this lower pricing, restaurants just getting back on their feet financially will be able to save big on PPE. Vinyl and synthetic hybrid vinyl can substitute for a wide variety of applications that previously had been the purview of nitrile. While the market waits for nitrile prices to come down, vinyl comes to the rescue—and end-users may very well discover it is their preferred go-forward glove.

Dining out is on the verge of a roaring comeback. AMMEX can help you to help your customers be ready for the dinner rush.

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