If You Work With Food, You Need Synthetic Hybrid Poly Gloves

Food workers need a lightweight, value-oriented disposable glove that protects against cross-contamination. Synthetic hybrid poly gloves are the right choice.

From food truck burrito makers to those who toil away on food processing assembly lines, basic glove needs are similar. Users need dependable barrier protection that is cost-efficient enough to support frequent glove changes.

The price of nitrile and latex spiraling out of reach, and their availability is ever-more tenuous. That leaves vinyl and poly gloves as the most sensible current choices for those who bake our daily bread (and turn it into delicious sandwiches). Vinyl is indeed a fantastic option, as it offers both versatility and value. But a glove that’s relatively new to the AMMEX lineup is just what the chef ordered for working with food.

A fit you’ve never had with poly

X3 White Stretch Hybrid Poly Gloves are more somewhat form-fitting than regular polyethylene, so they deliver better control and comfort than normal poly gloves. They’re still loose enough to make frequent glove changes easy.

Poly gloves have long been a preferred choice for food. Polyethylene is the most breathable of the major glove materials. They are non-leaching, which means that chemicals from the gloves are not shed into whatever the user is handling.

What makes these gloves different is their hybrid construction. The polyethylene is combined with elastomers: i.e., synthetic rubber. That gives it more stretch, improved fit and feel, and slightly better strength and resistance to contaminants.

A lot more uses beyond food

In addition to being great for restaurant use, these poly hybrid gloves are well-suited for janitorial, salon & beauty, painting, auto detailing, and countless other light-duty tasks. Being latex-free, they won’t aggravate sensitivities to natural rubber. They’re powder-free to prevent residue that can mess up a perfect finish or adhesive bond. They should not, however, be used with strong chemicals, or for heavy-duty cleaning jobs.

Another economical feature is that they come in boxes of 200, which is double the normal amount for disposable gloves. That means less restocking and less packaging to discard.

Synthetic hybrid poly gloves offer real value for businesses that must be extra-conscious of the bottom line, especially in these times of COVID-19 when the food-service industry is reeling. Talk with your AMMEX representative today, or log into your account on our Online Portal to learn more.

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