Standard Vinyl Exam Gloves Deliver Beyond Medical Needs

Exam-grade vinyl disposable gloves are great for child care—and they fit the bill for numerous other applications.

The new year has arrived, but conditions in the disposable glove market are pretty much the same. The best deal out there remains vinyl gloves.

2021 is in the house.

It brought with it, however, an unwelcome guest: disposable glove prices that are likely to go even higher.

Yes, that’s kind of a downer to start the year. But the reality is that the market hasn’t changed much from 2020. Demand is high, supply is low, and prices are continuing to rise.

Same story, at least for now

Nitrile? Latex? Both are really difficult to obtain right now, because glove makers are so far behind in keeping their supply chains supplied. We’ve given you numerous reasons for that, but in the end it comes down to a lack of raw materials.

While that scenario isn’t likely to change in at least the first quarter of the new year, one way to mitigate the situation is to take a serious look at vinyl gloves.

AMMEX sells 12 vinyl or synthetic hybrid vinyl gloves that can take on a variety of applications. While they are not a 100%-equal replacement for nitrile or latex, there are hundreds of tasks for which vinyl gloves deliver dependable barrier protection—especially our exam-grade gloves.

Doing double duty, and more

Clear Vinyl Exam Gloves are an excellent value for both healthcare pros and home-care users. But they’re also great for any task that requires frequent glove changes. They provide dependable lightweight, latex-free barrier protection against pathogens and contaminants, as well as most cleaning solutions and common chemicals.

These 3-mil gloves are popular with doctors, nurses, dentists, hygienists, lab techs, pharmacists, and veterinary personnel. They like the high tactile sensitivity and the comfortable fit. After all, nobody wants a glove that makes grasping instruments difficult.

There’s a bonus here beyond the healthcare community’s needs. If you work with food—in restaurants, food trucks, or processing operations—you will find them a most welcome tool, as will those who toil in janitorial, sanitation, beauty & salon, plumbing, auto detailing, and plenty more occupations.

The synthetic edge

AMMEX sells other exam-grade vinyl gloves that can serve multiple needs, too.

Stretch Synthetic Blue Vinyl Exam Gloves combine polyvinyl chloride (vinyl’s formal name) with synthetic elastomers to create a durable, flexible, form-fitting glove that mimics the fit and feel of nitrile. They can help reduce hand strain and fatigue while also providing a high degree of tactile sensitivity and delivering dependable barrier protection against contaminants and pathogens.

Stretch Synthetic Clear Vinyl Exam Gloves are great performers in non-sterile medical applications. They are latex-free, yet offer many of the properties of latex and nitrile: durable and form-fitting, with extra flexibility to reduce hand fatigue. They protect against bodily fluids, pathogens, and environmental contaminants while also protecting against cleaning solutions and common chemicals.

Talk to your customers about the many positive attributes that vinyl gloves offer. They may find that vinyl covers their needs—and enjoy saving a few bucks in the process.

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