While Supply Chains Struggle, AMMEX Has Glove Inventory on Hand

Indigo nitrile exam gloves are just one product that AMMEX has on hand, ready to ship.

Supply chain problems continue around the world. Everyday products of all kinds are in short supply, expensive, or both. Sellers are experiencing delays due to congested ports and container shortages.

Why, even the previously ubiquitous ketchup packet is in dire straits, and boba tea is not faring much better.

We have only good news for disposable glove distributors, though: AMMEX has product on hand in our warehouses. It is ready to ship today, to you or your customers.

The ship that wouldn’t cooperate

It has been since March 23 that the Ever Given, a 1,312-foot container ship, got stuck in Egypt’s Suez Canal. It received worldwide headlines and round-the-clock coverage on cable TV news (with some networks going a bit over the top).

After six days of blocking ocean traffic, the ship finally was freed (only to be “arrested” and held hostage by the Suez Canal Authority as leverage for its nearly $1 billion insurance claim against the vessel owner). But even with the Canal reopened, shipping has not bounced back and higher prices will be prevalent in coming months.

The pandemic revealed that even simple supply chains, such as that of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, can easily break in the face of disruptions. The same was true with food, pharmaceuticals and ordinary household items, which all suffered from severe shortages that lasted for months into the pandemic. It was, of course, also true with personal protective equipment.

We have the gloves you need

Despite these challenges, AMMEX has secured significant inventory in both vinyl and nitrile gloves. Log into our Online Portal to check your allocation and place an order.

The AMMEX Professional line of exam-grade nitrile and latex gloves deliver both safety and comfort. These gloves, once their highly elastic material reaches body temperature, conform to the hand for a perfect fit. At 3 mils thick, they are durable and resistant to rips and tears. These examination gloves are approved for non-surgical medical use.

Another option for exam-grade needs are Stretch Synthetic Blue Vinyl Exam Gloves, which are also available in clear vinyl. While vinyl gloves normally have a loose, comfortable fit, these gloves are more flexible and form fitting, which can reduce hand strain. Also a solid performer for medical needs are standard Clear Vinyl Exam Gloves.

Protect those industrial hands, too

And let’s not forget industrial applications: From synthetic hybrid vinyl gloves that provide an excellent alternative to nitrile to dependable standard vinyl gloves that fit the bill for numerous jobs, we have the barrier protection your customers need.

It may take up to 60 days for the supply chain system to reset itself to where it is functioning close to normal. Why wait? Take advantage of our pricing and availability now.

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