We Make It Easier to Sell More Gloves With On-Demand Tools

AMMEX's Online Portal offers a number of sales support tools.

One of the strongest foundations of any working relationship with AMMEX has always been our superior sales support.

There are plenty of companies from which distributors can buy disposable gloves. But none of them have the kind of sales tools—or the one-to-one relationships with sales reps—that AMMEX delivers.

Distributors have consistently told us they want better, easier-to-use tools to grow their business. We’ve taken some of our best proven sales mechanisms and turned them digital.

While AMMEX has been helping customers find the right glove for the job for over three decades, that support has never been easier to obtain than now. Our highly successful Sales Support toolkit has made the transition from analog to digital and is available via a self-serve portal.

The proof is in the success stories

These easy-to-use marketing tools and processes are all proven winners. From customizable templates and product samples to training videos, product images, and specification sheets, it’s all designed to give your customers and team members immediate access to essential glove information.

Log into your account and check out the Sales Support page. There you will find a glove sizing chart, to answer the eternal question of “what size will fit me”; a chemical resistance chart, to know which gloves are best suited to which chemicals; templates for flyers and glove charts that can be downloaded and then customized with your logo, contact information, and pricing; and ready-to-go flyers for our best-selling products.

An exciting development is that we are incorporating our longstanding and highly successful sampling program into our online portal. Nothing sells gloves faster than letting your customers try them on.

Need tools that are not currently available? It is our mission to improve these tools based on feedback from our distributor partners. We think these tools are going to be a great addition to what AMMEX already offers, and we’re excited to share them with you. We look forward to hearing what you think would be most helpful.

Put our expertise to work for you

At AMMEX we are disposable glove experts. We aren’t here to teach you how to sell, because you already know that. We’re here to make it easy for you to leverage gloves as part of your product portfolio.

AMMEX has thousands of highly successful distributors growing their revenue with our support. It’s why we look at our relationships as partnerships: If you are growing, we are growing.

When you need a convenient one-stop shop for purchasing disposable gloves, finding on-demand tools to help you sell, and managing your glove distribution business, AMMEX has you covered.

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