Long Wait for Gloveworks Nitrile With Raised Diamond Texture Is Nearly Over

Have your customers spent the last year-plus lamenting the lack of heavy-duty Gloveworks disposable gloves with raised diamond texture? Have you been frustrated by backorders that take a long time to fill?

After months of manufacturing and supply chain delays, these wildly popular nitrile gloves are returning to regular inventory in a matter of weeks.

Let’s be honest: Not all disposable gloves are created equal. While AMMEX has available a wide variety of excellent nitrile, latex, and vinyl gloves in thicknesses from 2 mil to 14 mil, Gloveworks with RDT are top of the line, designed and manufactured for pros who need the best protection.

No job is too tough to tackle

Whether your preference is for orange, green, black, or royal blue, Gloveworks with raised diamond texture is the go-to glove for the toughest jobs. The texture, our most aggressive, creates 60% more surface area to better channel away liquids. It ensures the strongest grip, wet or dry.

Whether 8-mil (orange and green) or 6-mil (black and royal blue), they are made from chemical- and puncture-resistant nitrile butadiene rubber, which is latex free and helps prevent latex-related allergic reactions. Nitrile features excellent dexterity, fit, feel, and a high level of comfort.

They provide extra protection from grease, gasoline, pesticides, cleaning solutions, and a long list of specialty chemicals. The high-visibility color really demands to be seen, especially in dark environments.

Great for automotive, janitorial and sanitation, manufacturing, plumbing, food processing, and safety applications, the gloves are awesome for working with tools and machinery—and the reverse texture on the inside helps air circulate to keep hands drier.

Customers know which gloves they want

One of our distributor partners, who purchases for a truck dealership in Florida, said of his customers, most of whom are mechanics: “They like the gloves with the texture, the orange and green color, and this thickness. The orange is a great glove. I have to give it to you guys, it’s a hell of a product. They love the green, too—in fact, they care less about the color than they do the texture and the thickness. They’re working on stuff that can be hot, oily, or greasy, and these are the gloves they need.”

We expect these gloves to be readily available in January, so place your order today. They will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis after previous backorders have been filled.

End-users have spent the last year-plus in want of thicker gloves. Now, the wait is nearly over.

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