7 Reasons Why Black Nitrile Solves the Need for Thicker Gloves

Gloveworks black nitrile gloves are designed to handle a wide range of industrial tasks.

When it comes to disposable gloves, it’s hard to beat nitrile. The versatile material is widely beloved by end-users who want strong, dependable barrier protection.

When it comes to nitrile, it’s hard to beat Gloveworks Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves (GPNB). These gloves are designed for professionals, manufactured for strength and durability.

7 reasons to choose black nitrile

  1. Strength: They protect against punctures, tears, and chemicalsand they fit and feel great. The perfect combination of strength, dexterity, and comfort.
  2. Durability: These gloves last longer and require fewer glove changes. At 5 mils thick, they are more than 50 percent thicker than standard nitrile.
  3. Grip: Added control from the micro-roughened surface and texture.
  4. Comfort: With superb comfort and a high level of tactile sensitivity, they are nearly as elastic as latex.
  5. Look: The professional look conceals dirt and grime with sleek back nitrile.
  6. Allergy free: These gloves are latex free and ideal for those allergic to natural rubber.
  7. Universal use: A great choice for a broad range of businesses, from restaurants and security to automotive, industrial, janitorial, and safety.

Since COVID-19 first appeared on the global stage in spring 2020, thicker gloves have been difficult to come by. At the time, disposable glove manufacturers were not prepared for the surge in demand.

The conditions created by the pandemic produced a shortage of thicker gloves, as factories drastically increased production of thinner, medical-grade gloves to meet worldwide demand. End-users who had gotten used to 6- to 8-mil industrial-grade gloves found themselves trying to make due with whatever they could source, even if that meant 3-mil nitrile or vinyl gloves.

Supply challenges still unsolved

The global supply chain, which because of myriad factors has posed challenges in the disposable glove market for more than a year and a half, will continue to prove problematic well into the new year. Glove supply will be sporadic while demand is expected to remain high.

AMMEX is awaiting shipments of some of its most popular thick gloves, Gloveworks Industrial Orange Nitrile and Gloveworks Industrial Green Nitrile. Both of these products feature raised diamond texture, our most aggressive, which channels away liquids for an unparalleled grip.

Until those gloves are back in regular inventory, Gloveworks Black Nitrile is an excellent solution for countless applications.

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Gloveworks Black Nitrile (GPNB)

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