7 Black Disposable Gloves to Cover Your Customers’ Every Need

AMMEX has a wide selection of black disposable gloves to fit most needs.

While orange and green are popular colors for nitrile disposable gloves—especially when they feature Raised Diamond Texture—AMMEX has over the last decade-plus sold more black than any other color.

Why? Because there is something universally appealing about black gloves. From an aesthetic point of view, they convey a sense of authority, that the wearer means business. On a practical level, they conceal grease, grime, and dirt to maintain a professional appearance. And if we’re talking about fashion sense, well, nothing says cool like basic black.

AMMEX has a robust selection of black gloves in nitrile and vinyl, industrial and exam grade, that are designed to take on a wide variety of applications. All of these gloves are latex free and powder free.

  1. Gloveworks Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves (GPNB) have been a major performer for a few years now. These 5-mil gloves have three times the puncture resistance of latex as well as excellent protection against common and specialty chemicals, especially those that are petroleum based. Nitrile delivers great fit, superb comfort, and high tactile sensitivity. Designed for professionals, they are popular in automotive, industrial, janitorial, sanitation, food service, and safety applications.

2. If you need a slightly thicker glove with the advantage of Raised Diamond Texture, there is Gloveworks Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves with RDT (GWBN). At 6 mils thick, they deliver strength, dexterity, durability, fit and feel, and comfort. They also feature the aforementioned raised diamond texture, our most aggressive, with 60 percent more surface area than standard nitrile gloves. The diamonds channel away liquids for first-rate gripping power in wet conditions.

Exam grade offers extra protection

3. If you need an exam-grade option, there are Gloveworks Exam Black Nitrile Gloves (GWBEN). They are made to protect you from chemicals, from contaminants, from bloodborne pathogens. At 6 mils thick, they resist punctures, rips, and tears better than comparable latex or vinyl disposable gloves, and they provide excellent fit, feel, and tactile sensitivity. They are also tested to resist permeation against fentanyl for up to 240 minutes based on the ASTM D6978 standard.

4. Another exam-grade option is AMMEX Professional Exam Black Nitrile Gloves (ABNPF). A lighter (3 mil) glove with excellent fit, feel, comfort, and tactile sensitivity, they are approved for all non-surgical medical applications. Popular in public safety, security, and tattoo parlor uses, as well as medical, dental, laboratory, biotech, veterinary, and home healthcare applications.

5. For a lighter-weight industrial-grade glove, try X3 Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves (BX3). They deliver performance you might expect from thicker disposable gloves, but at 3 mils they are excellent for short-duration uses that require frequent glove changes. They’re popular for janitorial, quick-lube, food service, and beauty & salon applications. Their color gives them a professional look for front-of-the-house use in restaurants.

Let’s not forget about value

If you are looking for a value-conscious choice, AMMEX also offers two black vinyl gloves: 

6. Gloveworks Industrial Black Vinyl Gloves (IVBKPF) have a professional appearance that conceals dirt and grime. At 3 mils thick, they are perfect for tasks from food service to janitorial to salon & beauty to light industrial. Auto detailers will love them for making vehicles sparkle, and everyone from bartenders to sandwich makers will find them invaluable. They have a loose, comfortable fit and a smooth texture.

7. Gloveworks Industrial Black Synthetic Vinyl Gloves (GWBKQV) blend synthetic rubber elastomers with vinyl polymers to create a soft, supple industrial glove that delivers high elasticity and comfort. Versatile and 3 mils thick, they are a great fit for lightweight tasks from food service and processing to salon & beauty to janitorial, and lots more.

If your customers have a disposable glove need, AMMEX has a black glove that has them covered.

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