Tips for Distributors from an Expert: How to Sell Raised Diamond Texture Gloves

Gloveworks orange nitrile gloves with raised diamond texture

If you sell disposable gloves for a living, you should be excited about the return of Gloveworks Nitrile with Raised Diamond Texture (RDT). They present an awesome opportunity for distributors because they drive more revenue than standard gloves.

Our top-of-the-line gloves—a favorite with end-users for the better part of a decade—were largely out of stock for the last two years because of supply complications from COVID-19.

Over the last couple of months, however, they have returned. This is exciting news for distributors who understand what a winner they have on their hands. Whether you’re selling 8-mil orange or green, or 6-mil black or royal blue, these gloves are a ticket to success.

Success waits for no one

If you want to get ahead of the curve, says Corey Townsell, AMMEX’s vice president of sales, it’s important to get your messaging out now.

“Whoever is first with the most RDT out in the market, who blitzes the market to let their customers know they’ve got availability, is likely going to retain that market share,” Townsell says. “They are re-energizing the category by bringing it to market first.”

The benefits of these nitrile gloves for end-users are many: Strength and durability. Tremendous fit and feel. Comfort to rival latex, without fear of latex allergies. Excellent barrier protection against chemicals and resistance to rips, tears, and punctures.

And perhaps most important of all, Raised Diamond Texture.

Excellent grip makes all the difference

“When micro-roughened or regular textured nitrile gloves get wet,” Townsell says, “they can get super slick, so it’s hard to hold onto things like tools. Raised Diamond Texture really does work.

“There are other textures out there, but there’s nothing that grips better than RDT.”

While Gloveworks with RDT are a bit more expensive than lesser gloves, distributors shouldn’t let that deter them. These gloves ultimately provide a first-rate return on investment. They are a great way to build a better business—and create a win-win situation for you and your customers.

Put these gloves out there, and give your customers samples to try on. Remember that AMMEX has free samples of orange nitrile (as well as Gloveworks Black Nitrile) that you can get from our Online Portal.

Top of the line, made for pros

Raised Diamond Texture is an upgrade from standard to top-line, premium nitrile. The gloves are so awesome that they create their own conversion process.

What would Townsell say to a distributor who believes the gloves are too expensive for his customers?

“That’s a great question, and I’m always of the thought that let’s not make decisions for our clients,” he says. “We are there to kind of show and tell, and then they can make the decision for themselves.”

When AMMEX launched orange RDT gloves in 2014, he says, they were seen as a niche product. There were no other variations of color or mil thickness. “We thought we were going to target it toward the professional auto technician who buys really expensive tools—they might have a $50,000 or $60,000 toolbox, just the box itself, and then another $50,000 or $60,000 in tools,” Townsell says.

Trusted across all industries

The gloves, however, took off with a much wider and more diverse audience, becoming the glove of choice for applications from industrial to paint shop, jan/san to food processing, plumbing to manufacturing. Customers found that instead of going through seven or eight pairs of standard nitrile gloves a day, with Raised Diamond Texture they used maybe two or three.

That dependability has entrenched RDT as a favorite that countless end-users insist upon.

“When people use a product that actually lasts longer,” Townsell says, “and delivers a better experience than what they did with the previous products, it’s tough for them to go back to what they were using.”

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