Raised Diamond Texture Continues to Provide Superior Value

Gloveworks Industrial Green Nitrile Gloves with Raised Diamond Texture

Here’s a 2022 trend that’s worth sharing: We’re seeing more and more customers who love Gloveworks Industrial Black Nitrile gloves taking a step up to Gloveworks with Raised Diamond Texture (RDT).

Those black nitrile gloves (product code: GPNB) have for years been a mainstay of AMMEX’s product line. At 5 mils thick, they deliver all the barrier protection customers need for a variety of chemicals while also featuring the best traits nitrile has to offer (excellent fit and feel, puncture resistance, tactile sensitivity).

So why have customers who’ve been happy with 5-mil nitrile want an upgrade to RDT?

Diamonds are a mechanic’s best friend

It starts with the grip. The texture is by far our most aggressive, with 60 percent more surface area. The diamonds channel away liquids so the user can always hold on tight, even when the gloves are wet—of added concern when working with tools and machinery.

Then there’s superior dexterity. Because of the diamond texture construction, the gloves feel less bulky than comparable 8-mil gloves, so their ability to perform delicate work is greater than a textured or micro-roughened glove.

After a couple years of being in short supply, Gloveworks RDT is on hand and ready to sell. This is a great time to be one of our distributor partners—especially with our free samples program, which lets your customers try before they buy.

Wearing is believing

Always an important component of selling more gloves, samples have made the jump from our analog sales kit to the digital realm. They are easily accessible: Once you’ve logged in to your account, click on Sales Support, navigate to the Sample Request page, select the quantity (up to two) of the products that you’d like to sample, and then click Request Sample.

If the product you’re looking to sample is not there, contact your sales rep to initiate a request. If you aren’t sure who your sales rep is, email or call Customer Service (1-800-274-7354). We will be adding more gloves to sample in the near future, and we are interested in your feedback as to which samples you want us to offer.

One of the great things about Gloveworks RDT is the variety it affords distributors.

Color variation is a selling point

Says Corey Townsell, AMMEX’s vice president of sales, “Traditionally with gloves, you talk about a commoditized product. There’s not a lot of differentiation. But with Raised Diamond Texture, the more colors you’ve got, the more variations you have, the better chance you have that your competitors aren’t going to have access to that broad lineup.

“The broader the offering in that product group, the better chance you have to retain that long-term customer with that product.”

RDT comes in four colors: 8-mil orange and green nitrile, and 6-mil black and royal blue. The gloves are such a sure thing that they practically upsell themselves, which drives more revenue for you.

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