Sales icebreakers: Gloveworks HD starts the conversation

Regardless of which industries you serve as a distributor, it’s important to have an ace-in-the-hole product you can count on to get your customers excited about disposable gloves. Your chances of earning their business take a giant leap forward when you combine a promising product with a sampling program where customers can try before they buy.

The gloves that give you the best shot at winning them over are Gloveworks® heavy-duty nitrile from AMMEX.

Gloveworks HD, our top-of-the-line gloves, offer something for everyone. For your customers, they have raised diamond texture (RDT) for maximum grip, wet or dry. Made of heavy-duty premium nitrile, they’re durable and dependable, with excellent puncture and chemical resistance.

These are serious gloves for serious professionals.

Talk to us and we’ll show you what Gloveworks HD can do for you

For distributors, Gloveworks HD RDT gloves deliver tremendous margins to give your bottom line a serious boost. Because they are used and discarded in a continuing cycle, sales are residual and recession-proof. These gloves will make you money, month after month.

The raised diamond texture is central to their appeal. More than 3,000 raised diamonds per glove allow more liquid to pass through the channels, enabling greater surface contact and providing a safer way to get the job done. They come in four colors: high-visibility orange and green, black, and royal blue.

Disposable gloves are an essential part of any personal protective equipment program. Gloveworks HD nitrile gloves can handle all your customers’ toughest safety needs and keep workers’ hands safe. Because they’re easier to see in dark environments, our orange and green gloves provide an added layer of protection.

They feature excellent resistance to common chemicals, like pesticides, and specialty chemicals such as iodine, brake fluid, or butane. Nitrile is more resistant than latex or vinyl to petroleum-based chemicals, oils, and acids, and has superior strength.

Twice as thick as standard nitrile for extra durability, they provide added value because fewer glove changes are required during a shift.

Gloveworks HD can be used in applications including automotive, manufacturing, janitorial and sanitation services, and the industrial, safety, and chemical industries. They are also FDA approved for food service. 

AMMEX has the sales support you need

Their versatility means more opportunities for sales. Our no-risk sales and marketing system delivers the support you need to drive higher profits and more customer engagement. If after 90 days you haven’t sold your gloves, we’ll take them back—and even pay for shipping.

Partner with AMMEX, and we can help you boost your profits and nourish your customer base.

Gloveworks HD nitrile: They’re beloved by customers, they deliver high-margin profits for distributors, and they enjoy tremendous word-of-mouth among end-users. If you’re not carrying them, why not? Connect with your AMMEX representative to add them to your product line. Not a distributor yet? Contact us today!

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