Don’t let high-margin profits slip through your fingers

Let’s talk about some of the opportunities available to you from selling disposable gloves.

Because gloves are a high-margin, residual-sale item, your customers are going to buy from you week after week, month after month, year after year. As a result, your profits will accumulate quickly.

So here’s how this opportunity adds up.

A chef comes into his restaurant. What’s the first thing he does? Puts on a pair of gloves.

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Now he’s got prep work—he’s working with beef, fish, poultry. Every time he works with a new item, he has to wash his hands and put on a fresh pair of gloves. That means during his shift, he’s going to go through at least 15 to 20 pairs of gloves—and that’s just one employee. There are other chefs in the kitchen, and everyone wears a different size. They go through gloves day in and day out, about 10 to 12 cases a month.

So we’ve established that food prep requires frequent glove changes. But what about an industry like automotive repair?

Much like the chef, an auto technician comes in, gets into uniform, and puts on disposable gloves. That auto tech is going to work with radiator fluid, transmission fluids, and brake cleaner. They deal with a lot of dirt, grease, and grime. This worker may service six to eight vehicles a day, and they need a new pair of gloves every time they do paperwork, take a lunch break, or need to move a vehicle.

That’s about 20 pairs each day, or a box a week for one worker.

Since most shops have multiple bays with multiple techs, that’s a minimum guaranteed case a month.

Disposable gloves provide a great opportunity to raise your revenue because the math works in your favor. Gloves get used, thrown out, and then replaced. If one worker goes through 20 pairs a day and the business you sell to has five people working a shift, that’s a box a day. And that’s only one location.

You know what? Somebody is already selling those disposable gloves to your customers. Why isn’t it you?

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