Grow your profits with premium nitrile disposable gloves

About five years ago, the market for disposable gloves was forever changed when AMMEX introduced Gloveworks® heavy-duty nitrile gloves with raised diamond texture. This raised texture, with 60 percent more surface area, delivers an exceptional grip and channels away liquids, especially helpful for those who work with tools and machinery.

A similar disruption in the glove market came in the mid-1990s, when the market for disposable gloves shifted with the introduction of nitrile, a material created as an alternative to natural rubber latex gloves. Sales of nitrile have since grown exponentially, in both the industrial and medical sectors, thanks to greater awareness of latex allergies and nitrile’s superior protection against chemicals.

Combining this high-performing material with a superior texture creates gloves that are not only beloved by end users—to the point that they will never want to wear another glove—but they also deliver high-margin, residual income for distributors.

See how AMMEX Disposable Gloves Help Organizations Grow Revenue

Today nitrile is the most highly recommended disposable glove material, stronger than latex or vinyl, with fit, feel, and comfort rivaling that of latex. It also has three times the puncture resistance of latex, as well as stronger abrasion and chemical resistance.

These qualities make nitrile gloves appealing in automotive, manufacturing, janitorial, plumbing, paint shop, chemical, food processing, and industrial uses—which means distributors have a wide-open market of potential industries and customers to target.

How to expand your glove sales

The biggest barrier to disposable glove revenue growth generally is uninformed sales representatives. When reps feel like an expert in your products, selling them becomes easier. And no glove is more appealing than Gloveworks HD: premium nitrile, three times more puncture resistant than latex, but with excellent comfort, dexterity, and tactile sensitivity.

If distributors are looking for a way to expand their customer base and increase their profits, disposable gloves from AMMEX are a simple solution. Over 30 years we have developed highly effective, no-risk sales and marketing programs that help thousands of distributors to sell millions of gloves—and getting started is easy.

Salespeople love to sell what’s new. When you add gloves to your business, it gets reps away from their desks and routines, and instead concentrating on new business. Gloves are a great way to introduce your company to new prospects in new industries.

Partner with AMMEX and you’ll get incomparable sales and marketing support with our high-performing textured and non-textured gloves. Our system can quickly result in thousands of dollars in additional revenue for your distribution business. So, ask yourself: How many customers do you have? How much more money would you like to make?

Even more food for thought: Many of your customers already buy disposable gloves. Why aren’t they buying them from you?

Don’t send them to your competition. Be a trusted resource for your customers, the go-to guy. Sell them what they need, so they don’t shop around.

Contact us today to become an AMMEX distributor and learn how we can help you grow your glove sales on average of 31%.

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