No. 1 Best-Selling Orange Nitrile Gloves Are Here for the New Year

Gloveworks Industrial Orange Nitrile Disposable Gloves with Raised Diamond Texture

Have you been struggling to find heavy-duty nitrile gloves for your customer base? You are not alone.

In the last couple of years, we have heard quite often from distributor partners locked in a seemingly endless quest for thick, durable industrial nitrile gloves. Since the dawn of the coronavirus, they have continually been frustrated by shortages, backorders, and supply chain delays.

As the pandemic first began to spread, glove manufacturers switched their production lines over from heavier industrial to lightweight medical-grade gloves to accommodate the soaring needs of healthcare workers. Factories struggled to keep up with both the ever-growing demand and the shortages of raw materials, so they turned their focus to producing more 3-mil gloves.

Thinner isn’t always better

That left those who have for years counted on perennial industrial favorites like the Gloveworks line to adjust to thinner gloves, a new normal that, judging from the feedback we’ve received, was not exactly to everyone’s liking.

Here, then, is good news for the new year: After a long absence, Gloveworks Industrial Orange Nitrile Gloves (GWON) are back in stock.

This is not just another disposable glove. It’s top of the line, designed and manufactured for pros who need the best protection. It’s durable, resists punctures and tears, and provides an excellent barrier against chemicals.

What really sets it apart, however, is Raised Diamond Texture—by far our most aggressive, with 60% more surface area—which delivers an unbeatable grip.

Liquids, be gone!

Those diamonds channel away liquids, so even when the glove is wet you can still hold on tight—no worries about losing control of tools. Reverse texture on the inside helps air circulate to keep your hands drier. They also have superb fit, feel, and tactile sensitivity for doing precise work.

The gloves have the perfect balance of enhanced dexterity and top-level protection, featuring excellent resistance against common chemicals like pesticides and specialty chemicals such as iodine, brake fluid, or butane.

They are favorites among end-users in automotive, manufacturing, janitorial, plumbing, paint shops, chemical, and industrial applications. Once your customers try them, they won’t want to wear anything else.

Why wait longer? Order today

Throughout the ordeal that is COVID-19, the question we have been asked more than any other is, “When are the orange nitrile gloves coming back?”

The short answer is: “They’re already here.”

Log into your account to see what’s available and place an order. Get an early jump on 2022 success by giving your customers the gloves they crave.

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