Expect 2022 to Be the Year of Raised Diamond Texture

Gloveworks Industrial Orange Nitrile Disposable Gloves from AMMEX.

After a long absence, Gloveworks Industrial Orange Nitrile Gloves are returning to stock. You can order these gloves today!

(An important note: Your order may at first go on backorder as we continue to replenish our inventory, but we expect those backorders to be filled within 2-4 weeks. The sooner you order, the sooner you will get product.)

The pandemic has caused a lot of shortages, and these industrial nitrile gloves are no exception. They have been difficult to obtain for the better part of two years as manufacturers turned their attention to producing the medical-grade gloves the world was clamoring for at the time.

Everybody loves variety

Many of our distributor partners have enjoyed terrific success in carrying our orange gloves with Raised Diamond Texture, but just one color may not be enough. In fact, our RDT gloves have been designed in four colors to be a great fit for many different applications.

Here are the Top 3 benefits of having a choice of colors and thicknesses in your glove catalog:

  1. Return on Investment. These are the gloves your customers want. Whether for automotive, industrial, jan/san, manufacturing, plumbing, paint shop, or food processing applications, nothing beats Gloveworks for generating end-user enthusiasm. They invariably deliver a strong ROI and generate repeat sales: Once your customers try them, they won’t want anything else.
  2. Quality, Durability, and Versatility. What really sets Gloveworks apart from other nitrile gloves is Raised Diamond Texture. It’s by far our most aggressive texture, with 60 percent more surface area to provide an unbeatable grip, and is a testament to how well made these gloves are. The gloves also have three times the puncture resistance of latex or vinyl as well as vastly superior chemical resistance. They perform over extended durations so users won’t wear as many over the course of a shift. Also, all of these gloves can be used across the industrial spectrum, including heavy-duty applications like automotive, yet they have excellent touch for performing tasks that require delicacy.
  3. Color and Thickness Variation. They come in 8-mil orange and green, as well as 6-mil black and royal blue, so they can be coded by size, process, or department. All except the black are high-visibility colors, too, which is an added safety feature. Black provides a clean, professional look in all industries.

Don’t forget about GPNB

Between the Gloveworks RDT suite and our dependable 5-mil Gloveworks Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves (GPNB), AMMEX has your customers’ needs for sturdy gloves covered.

While it may not feature Raised Diamond Texture, GPNB is a terrific glove that’s a great fit for countless industrial jobs. It’s a perfect complement to the RDT suite.

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