Gloveworks With Raised Diamond Texture Helps Start the Year Off Right

Gloveworks Industrial Orange Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Happy New Year, AMMEX partners!

Are you ready for 2022? Is your disposable glove lineup positioned for the new year?

Let’s face it: The last 21 months have not been easy. For those who sell disposable gloves, there has been a special set of challenges. Have you needed heavier nitrile gloves to satisfy your customers, only to be told again and again that they were on backorder?

It’s time to put those days behind us. Let’s start the year off right with a big “welcome back” to Gloveworks Industrial Nitrile!

Decidedly well above average

These awesome gloves—four with Raised Diamond Texture, plus the 5-mil perennial favorite known as GPNB—are anything but average. In fact, they are among the best gloves your customers will ever use, across a wide spectrum of industries and applications.

If they want their gloves with strength, durability, and comfort, Gloveworks is the way to go.

Our orange nitrile gloves (GWON) are industrial grade, top of the line, designed and manufactured for professionals who need the best protection. At 8- to 9-mil thickness, they are a perfect companion for automotive, manufacturing, janitorial, plumbing, paint shop, chemical, and industrial uses.

A true favorite of end-users

Over the last year, we received more questions about the availability of orange nitrile than any other glove. The backorders started months ago as we dealt with the realities of a challenged supply chain. To have these gloves back in stock is guaranteed to cause great rejoicing among distributors and end-users alike.

If your customers want all that protection with a different color, try green nitrile gloves (GWGN). Also 8- to 9-mils thick, they are highly resistant to punctures, tears, and rips, as well as common and specialty chemicals. The texture channels away liquids for a grip that won’t quit, and the high-visibility color really demands to be seen, especially in dark environments.

Slightly less thick but by no means less impressive are black nitrile gloves (GWBN) and royal blue nitrile gloves (GWRBN). At 6-mil thickness each, they are strong yet deliver excellent dexterity for tasks that require more precision. Again, the Raised Diamond Texture delivers an unbeatable grip.

Black and blue both have advantages

The black gloves conceal dirt, grease, and grime for a professional look, and the royal blue are a great choice for food processing. If a bit of glove should become detached, the color makes it easy to spot before it ends up in the product.

The four Raised Diamond Texture products and GPNB form an excellent foundation for any distribution business. Add in a couple of vinyl and/or latex products, and you have the makings of an awesome product line.

Let’s make 2022 a highly successful year and protect every pair of hands we can!

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