Black Nitrile Gloves’ New Availability Is a Great Opportunity for Distributors

Gloveworks Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves from AMMEX.

If you are a distributor of disposable gloves, the last year and a half has been, to say the least, challenging.

We’ve heard over and over from our partners about their frustration with glove availability, especially of heavier nitrile gloves.

Although the market is still suffering from shortages and the supply chain remains compromised, the situation is getting better.

First and foremost in Reasons to Be Optimistic is a sturdy, versatile nitrile glove. Gloveworks Black Nitrile (product code: GPNB) is a cornerstone product for any glove distribution business, and AMMEX has secured substantial inventory with more on the way.

The glove that everybody needs

These premium gloves are 50% thicker than standard nitrile, with three times the puncture resistance of latex or vinyl. They afford strong barrier protection against both common and specialty chemicals, and retain their integrity even after being dipped in gasoline.

Made for working with tools and machinery, they are beloved by end-users for automotive, janitorial and sanitation, food service and processing, and safety jobs, as well as dozens more. Do your customers fall into any of those categories?

5-mil is the ticket to success

“The five-mil gloves are good to have,” said one AMMEX partner, who runs an industrial-supply firm in Massachusetts. “For the majority of my customers, I’d say 5 mil is really what I sell. (GPNB) is what I buy when I’m able to. You try to get the thicker ones when you can.”

Industrial glove sales are a prime ticket to success for smaller distributors. The industrial market is projected to keep expanding, creating new opportunities to grow your business. With substantial inventory of Gloveworks Black Nitrile arriving in the next few months, AMMEX is a tremendous resource to help you position yourself in your market.

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