Supply Chain Remains at Mercy of Worldwide Shipping Crisis

Aerial view of shipping containers.

The global supply chain is stuck in a vicious cycle of backups and delays. It’s not expected to get better anytime soon.

The vast network of ports, container vessels, and ground transportation companies that moves goods around the world is badly tangled, and the cost of shipping is skyrocketing.

Consumer demand is way up. Retail sales are high, as are online sales. The buying public should be swimming in [insert name of product here], but many you just can’t get. There is even an acute shortage of McDonald’s milkshakes in the U.K.

Many gloves still difficult to obtain

The disposable glove market is not exempt. From labor shortages in the factories of Southeast Asia brought about by surges in COVID-19 cases to scarcity of container vessels to backed-up ships off the coast of California, countless consumer products and commodities alike are not getting through.

Malaysia produces about two-thirds of the world’s disposable glove supply. Thailand accounts for about 13 percent, with another 10 percent coming from China and 3 percent from Vietnam.

Malaysia’s glove market dominance is due to several factors: low labor and energy costs compared with China and Thailand, and the strong support that manufacturers receive from the Malaysian government in the form of incentives and promotion programs.

Delta has been relentless in SE Asia

The country has been hit hard by COVID-19 outbreaks, suffering multiple rounds of lockdowns and a state of emergency that have limited glove production. It has led to political and economic turbulence, which culminated in the resignation of prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin and his entire cabinet.

All of Southeast Asia is feeling the effects of Delta as the previous economic recovery from 2020 is losing momentum. Empty shops, closing factories, and widespread shutdowns are dashing hopes of sustained rebound and renewed profit growth.

With ongoing delayed shipments due to ocean carrier constraints, distributors are offering creative solutions for many out-of-stock items in all categories of business. AMMEX has plenty of stock in many brands to meet the need for barrier protection. While it may not always be exactly what you are looking for, we have options that are well-suited for a wide variety of applications.

Solutions for the here and now

Our AMMEX Professional exam-grade nitrile gloves have a higher acceptable quality level (AQL) rating than industrial gloves, meaning they deliver excellent barrier protection. They can also do double duty between non-sterile medical and industrial use.

Synthetic hybrid gloves provide a temporary solution to the high prices and shortages the market has experienced with nitrile. Despite not being a straight-up replacement for nitrile, they are a versatile alternative for hundreds of light- to medium-duty tasks.

With the Delta variant showing no signs of slowing, demand for disposable gloves is going to remain high for the rest of 2021 and into 2022. Glove prices, which came down a bit in the spring, could be on the rise again before too long.

Log into the AMMEX Portal to reserve gloves at today’s prices. Placing an order sooner rather than later is smart business in these uncertain times.

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