Restaurant Cleanliness Begins With Disposable Gloves and Hand Hygiene

X3 Industrial Clear Vinyl Gloves from AMMEX are great when sanitizing surfaces.

In these make-or-break times for restaurants, cleanliness has never been more important. And you can’t have a truly clean restaurant without disposable gloves.

Food and beverage sales in the restaurant industry are projected to total $789 billion in 2021, up 19.7% from 2020. That’s an encouraging turnaround, considering that during the pandemic the industry has lost nearly $300 billion in sales.

With the Delta variant still rampant, however, food service is in a precarious position. One health code violation (or worse, one sick customer) could be catastrophic.

The hands are the No. 1 conduit

Do your food service customers understand how important hand hygiene is in restaurant cleanliness? Are they ensuring that employees wash their hands and glove up? Are they insisting on frequent glove changes, such as between handling food and touching any other surface?

It may seem basic, but you can’t make a sandwich, handle the register, wipe down the counters, mop the floor, and empty trash all while wearing one pair of gloves. Yes, it’s true that margins in the restaurant business can be thin. Owners or managers may be reluctant to spend what is needed on hygiene. But to not do so is dangerous and irresponsible.

AMMEX carries a wide variety of affordable vinyl and synthetic hybrid gloves that are well-suited to working with food. From the looser fit of X3 Clear Vinyl (product code: GPX3) to the more form-fitting Gloveworks Black Synthetic Vinyl (GWBKQV), these gloves can handle more than just preparing food—they are great for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. Another option is X3 Clear Stretch Hybrid Poly (TEX3) gloves, which are designed to be worn on the prep line.

Vinyl gets the job done in food service

There is no need to go with more expensive nitrile for restaurants. One of AMMEX’s partners, a small food wholesaler in Massachusetts with 32 years in business, carries primarily vinyl gloves. “We were selling the IVPF,” he says. “Then during COVID, when gloves were scarce, we started buying GPX3s. That’s what we’ve stuck with. I’ve had no complaints about the gloves ever not working.”

He is also bullish on the updated AMMEX Online Portal, which he finds makes ordering simple. “I’ve gone through the changes that you have made to it, and I think it’s become easier and easier to use,” he says. “You don’t require any customer service contact to place the order and get the confirmation. I think it’s streamlined pretty well right now.”

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