Black Nitrile 5-Mil Gloves Are a Comfortable Fit for Jan/San Customers

Gloveworks Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves deliver barrier protection and comfort.
Do you have disposable glove customers in the janitorial & sanitation industry? Do they have a difficult time finding gloves with the right balance between dependable barrier protection, comfort, and value?

It’s actually a fairly common issue. Vinyl gloves, often chosen for jan/san applications because they are priced right for frequent glove changes, are great for light-duty use. But sometimes you need a stronger, more durable glove with excellent fit that can be worn for longer periods.

Gloveworks Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves (product code: GPNB) might not be the first glove you think of for jan/san operations. Known as a favorite of automotive technicians, they are made for working with tools and machinery.

Gloveworks Black Nitrile (GPNB)

But because these premium gloves—our most popular black nitrile—are 50% thicker than standard nitrile, with three times the puncture resistance of latex or vinyl, they provide peace of mind. Strong protection against both common and specialty chemicals means jan/san workers can do their jobs with fewer concerns about permeation by contaminants and pathogens.

Sometimes comfort matters most

According to one of our distributor partners, who runs a jan/san supply operation in Canada, GPNB is a popular glove with janitorial customers. “A lot of our people are wearing gloves for extended periods of time,” he says. “A lot of our custodians or janitorial staff, they’re in gloves for hours. And vinyl tends to tire your hands out—too much resistance.

“For other clients that are changing diapers or whatever, that’s very intermittent use. A lot of those clients will go with vinyl, especially right now because of the price difference. But a lot of custodians are wearing that glove for three or four hours straight, and they want a glove with better fit and comfort.”

These 5-mil gloves do deliver great fit, superb comfort, and high tactile sensitivity. They are micro-roughened on the palm and textured on the fingertips for a dependable grip.

Need for jan/san services will only grow

The commercial cleaning services industry was in growth mode even before the COVID-19 crisis. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of janitors and building cleaners was estimated to grow at 7% from 2018 to 2028. That’s significantly higher than the 5% growth rate projected for all occupations in the U.S. economy.

Commercial-sector properties such as office buildings require consistent cleaning to meet standards of occupation. Demand for commercial cleaning services is increasing as employees begin to return to office environments after months of working remotely.

Jan/san operations will continue to provide excellent PPE opportunities for the foreseeable future. Log into the AMMEX Online Portal to check inventory and order Gloveworks Black Nitrile today.

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