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AMMEX's Product Toolkit is an invaluable resource for disposable glove distributors.

AMMEX has made a number of improvements to the online portal to enable our distributors with a set of new sales tools. We listened to you and made changes based on your input. We also incorporated industry best practices for UX/UI and the online behavior of our customers.

One of the helpful new features is Your Product Toolkit, a subsection (along with Manage Your Business) of the AMMEX Partner Business Center. It can help you gain product expertise with information tools, media assets, guides, and much more.

Once you log in, the first tab under Product Toolkit takes you to the Product Info Hub. There you can find the materials essential to marketing disposable gloves: data sheets, glove box images, box and hand images, box and case images, and in-use images for all of our gloves. You can download all assets individually, by product.

Let there be no packaging confusion

Also on the page are the Packaging Transition Guide, which details the changes from our previous to our updated packaging; its companion piece, the Brand Conversion Sheet, showing what previous brands have evolved into; and the AMMEX Product Catalog, a comprehensive look in PDF format at our entire product line.

Our New to Selling Gloves Guide is a handy resource for those distributors who have just incorporated disposable gloves into their product lines. It features a comprehensive list of what you need to know to get started, how many products you should carry, which are essential, and how to find the right glove for almost any job.

For a broader overview, our Guide to Disposable Gloves provides information on which industries and applications each glove material type is best for; the importance of aligning the proper mil-thickness to the tasks your customers are performing regularly, and why having multiple gloves in your product line  will enable you to better serve your customers.

Get to know your chemical resistance

AMMEX’s Chemical Resistance Chart is an invaluable tool for choosing which gloves are best suited for working in particular environments. (A hint: Nitrile works best with petroleum-based substances, while latex is preferred for water-soluble chemicals. Vinyl is fine for most cleaning solutions.)

The Manage Your Business section, which we will cover more in depth in a future post, has everything you need to keep track of your customers, your orders, your inventory, and your payment information.

Go explore our online portal today and discover tools and tricks that can help you grow your glove sales.

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