Polyethylene Gloves for Food Service Deliver Hygiene at a Great Price

X3 Industrial Clear Stretch Hybrid Poly Gloves are great for working with food.

If your food service customers are looking for a disposable glove that can help maintain a high degree of hygiene at an attractive price point, look no further than X3 Industrial Clear Stretch Hybrid Poly Gloves (product code: TEX3).

Disposable gloves are more important than ever in the restaurant industry, with the Delta variant of the coronavirus still spreading in many areas. Restaurants are also looking to keep operating costs down, and distributors who can deliver value-oriented, effective products will have an upper hand in growing their customer base.

More form-fitting than regular polyethylene single-use gloves, X3 Stretch Hybrid Poly Gloves deliver better control and comfort while remaining loose enough to make frequent glove changes easy.

Opportunities beyond food service

They have a fit and feel vastly superior to traditional polyethylene single-use gloves. In addition to food use, they work well for salon & beauty, janitorial, painting, and more applications.

When preparing food, wearing gloves—and changing them between each use—is crucial to preventing cross-contamination. Gloves are a secondary barrier between the chef and the food they are handling. (Of course, the first step is to wash hands between glove changes.)

These gloves are latex-free, so people with allergies can wear them comfortably, and they will not contaminate food with latex proteins that could then affect restaurant patrons.

Value without sacrificing quality

Shortages and sourcing issues are becoming the new normal for restaurant operators. Menus are slimmer, because ingredients erratically come and go from suppliers’ lists. Sometimes, items that appear on menus may not actually be available, the ingredients left out of the delivery that day.

Shortages of building materials have slowed restaurant construction to a crawl. Eateries that were required to use reflective tape on their outdoor dining spaces couldn’t source it without great effort. Even everyday items like paper and plastic goods are also less available and more expensive.

Disposable gloves are central to food service operations. X3 Stretch Hybrid Poly Gloves are designed with that in mind. Sold in boxes of 200, double the normal size for disposable gloves, they are a great value for businesses that must be extra-conscious of the bottom line.

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