What Makes for a Consistent, Reliable Glove Supplier?

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Lots of people and companies can claim to be reliable. What do reliability and consistency in relation to the industrial disposable glove market mean to you?

Here is what they mean to us:

The only way to prove a company’s reliability is to work with them over time. This is where size and scale reveal the most about a business partner.

AMMEX has been providing the products and support necessary to grow clients’ single-use glove sales for more than 35 years.

We bring in gloves in high volume

This business would be a lot simpler from a North American standpoint if gloves were sourced from the U.S. instead of Southeast Asia. Bringing in a container here or a couple there is not a big deal.

But we import and sell thousands of containers per year. What’s your vendor’s volume? Doesn’t it make more sense to dance with someone who knows how to lead?

Some vendors got into selling gloves during the pandemic, thinking it was a great way to make a few quick bucks. It’s a safe bet that a fair number of them are still trying to sell off their old inventory, because they didn’t know what they were doing.

Not as simple as one might think

The disposable glove market is a competitive environment with a surprising level of complexity. Not everybody has the same scale or the same capabilities. The more one tries to reach scale, the more complex it gets.

Over AMMEX’s time in business we’ve learned a thing or two. That makes us a great resource for clients to gain knowledge of market complexities.

We emphasize communication, clarity, and consistency on lead times, cost, product availability, and operations to enable predictable, confident decisions.

Get real help from actual people

You get the benefit of expert account managers to keep you up to speed on shipments and deliveries—as well as ensuring that the products you need are in stock.

High degrees of transparency and predictability—which aren’t always common in the disposable glove business—are central to how we operate.

Our extremely high fill rates—nearly 100%—mean a great deal to us. They should mean a lot to you, too, especially if you’ve been in a situation where the goods weren’t delivered.

Stay up to date on market conditions

AMMEX also produces regular detailed insights into the state of the market, and our account managers work one on one with clients to adjust pricing to accommodate market conditions.

Do you feel your vendor communicates clearly and effectively to help you set expectations? Does it offer dedicated account managers who can consistently set you up for success? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then congratulations—you’re probably in good shape.

If they don’t? AMMEX does. Reach out to your account manager, or if you’re a new customer, contact us today.

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