The Importance of Speed and Flexibility in Sourcing Gloves

A container ship on the ocean.

Being able to source disposable gloves when needed is essential for any distributor. If your customers have a need, you want to be able to fill it quickly and efficiently.

The ability to source gloves at scale—an unpredictable and expensive proposition—is priceless.

AMMEX makes sure none of these issues are a problem. We do it by utilizing two important aspects of glove sales: flexibility and speed.

The waiting is the hardest part

Constantly planning for a worst-case scenario is important to a solid market strategy. Customers are not fond of dealing with delays.

A warehouse in Malaysia could catch on fire. Labor issues could sweep through a factory’s workforce. Why, a ship could even get stuck in the Suez Canal. (Remember the Ever Given?)

During the Suez blockage, an order for an AMMEX East Coast client was on a ship that could not get through. To rectify it, we shipped from our West Coast warehouse across the country so there was no delay in getting product for our client.

‘Always be prepared’

Here are a few things we’ve learned about the market:

Murphy’s Law is always a possibility. You know the old saying: “If something bad can happen, it will.” One must always be prepared for the worst outcome while planning for (and implementing) the best.

Customers sometimes change their mind. They also frequently change their processes, locations, and team members. Adjusting quickly can be challenging, but that is what we do.

Quick reactions are not optional

Importing a container or two from Southeast Asia is not a particularly big deal—vendors do it all the time. But delivering gloves at scale is a different matter. It requires extensive knowledge of the market and the ability to pivot on short notice.

We also understand that opportunities do not last forever. It’s our duty to enable customers to benefit from market conditions. There are a lot of industrial opportunities for gloves that can prove lucrative in the long run.

Input from our customers is always important to us. We give serious consideration to all feedback that we receive. Knowing what you want and need helps us keep prices low and quality high.

It’s all about satisfaction

One of our distributor partners in Florida talked of placing an order and seeing it arrive within two days. He was thrilled with the speed of his order and complimented his account manager for promptness in replying.

Another, in Texas, talked about the great job his account manager did in getting his company set up on our Online Portal and evangelizing to his salespeople about the opportunities that gloves present.

The disposable glove market is dynamic and moves fast. Speed, flexibility, and satisfaction are just part of the deal with AMMEX.

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