Turn Your Glove Business Into a Recurring Revenue Engine

Coins are stacked up to show potential profits.

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Most of AMMEX’s distributor partners are experienced salespeople who regularly move large quantities of product, including gloves. But how do they rack up steady glove sales at scale, month in and month out?

If they’re in the know, they put our Sales Acceleration Solution (SAS), which has a proven track record of helping distributors sell more gloves, to work for them.

Let’s say you’re an industrial distributor who sells a few hundred cases of nitrile a month. It’s a nice supplemental income stream for your main product line, but it could be so much more. If you’re highly motivated, as the best salespeople always are, that’s going to nag at you.

AMMEX provides the tools you need to lift your glove sales from ordinary to exceptional. You will note, however, that no magic wands are included in that toolbox. An abundance of smarts and hard work are still required.

The most important data in one place

What’s the best way to get started? Try our Glove Finder. You can filter by materials, mil thickness, and industry. Ask the right questions, and make sure they’re specific.

Which gloves do you use? What material are they made of? What are you going to use them for? How many do you go through in a day, a week, a month? Do you find any particular aspect of your current gloves to be undesirable?

Follow the process. Give out the samples, and let customers try them on while you are in their presence, if possible. Answer any objections they may have. And finally, ask for the business. The system is not revolutionary—you just have to execute.

The gloves play off everything else

It’s important to tailor your glove program to complement the rest of your distribution business. They should work, pardon the expression, hand in hand to generate greater sales of all of your products.

Find ways to pair products:

Let the sales complement one another

Every time you sell a case of one essential product, anywhere from a few boxes to a case of gloves should complement them. That keeps the income stream growing—and ensures your customers are buying gloves from you and not from someone else.

Make sure you are maximizing your efforts with our Market Penetration Calculator. Your sales rep can help you get started and see how much revenue you may be missing, as well as help strategize ways to change that outcome. It can provide valuable insights into your market and how much you can grow your sales.

Visit our Sales Support page today, or check in with your sales rep. Or log into your account at our Online Portal to learn more, check inventory, and place an order. AMMEX is here to help you sell more gloves.

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